Tivoli PM, Anywhere?

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  1. Ok so I think I want to purchase the Tivoli PM and was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere that had them in stock, or do I need to call the 1800 number?

    Also, when will Elux get them back do you think? I want to order from there so I don't have to pay tax...

    Any help would be nice... Thanks.
  2. Saw one at Saks in Hackensack (iverside Square Mall in New Jersey) not sure if it is still there, give them a call tomorrow
  3. Ok I know this is a dumb question. but if you order anywhere other than elux, you get charged your states sales tax correct?

    Also, if I called Elux could they MAYBE locate one for me? LOL
  4. Yes anywhere other than elux will charge sales tax. But elux charges $12.50 for shipping so if you can locate one not too far you might as well go pick it up it will come out to about the same price.
    I saw one at Paramus Friday night and one in Manhasset on Sat...but 866 should be able to locate one for you.
  5. Oh, the ever elusive Tivoli! Good luck trying to find a good one as they have been having QC issues, lately...I know I'm still trying!:sad:
  6. Isn't it if you do not have the LV store in your state, they do not charge tax? I thought i had bought some stuff online and as long as I didn't have the store in my state, I didn't pay tax.
  7. Oh really? Well there is one in NY so I gess I'll have to pay sales tax.

    I am hoping they will pop up on elux soon! LOL