Tired of waiting for my "dreambag" to show up can anybody relate?

  1. After a lot of back and forth I have decided to keep looking for a 05 work and not give into the urge of getting a steel sgh which I fear I won't wear as much:yes:. In my Balbeginnings I went a little crazy so I try to stay focused but it's sooooo hard I want a new bag.:drool:

    Next week I will be in Paris just for a day but I know running into the Printemps (I prefer it to Bal Paris) and charging my lovely card will be so tempting.
    Can anybody relate how do you guys deal with that kind of stuff?
  2. I can totally relate, however, unlike you, I have ZERO self control and no patience. Good luck with your search!!! ;)
  3. I used to buy buy buy when I like something especially if it's cheap on my Bal dict..so I ended up with few bags I don't really like but had to buy it that time cos it was cheap..

    However I sold many of my bags and now learn to focus only on bags that I like which is so darn hard cos Bbags are way too addictive...

  4. I can totally relate cat! My super dream bag would be an '05 turq twiggy...and I have $$ set aside for it...but I can't wait...I'm probably going to buy an '07 bag this week! I have no patience!

    Odds are though...that the '05 will show up when I'm broke!
  5. Same here! I have no patience whatsoever when it comes to something that I really want. I have to have it right now! However, I'm learning to be patient and not go for the instant gratification of having any Bbag right now but waiting for the one that I really want. Plus it helps that my cc balance is more than I'm used to and that puts me back into the real world.:sad:
  6. I know exactly what you mean..I was searching for a 05 work bag for a long time and just recently found one..But before that I got pretty frustrated and didn't wanna buy anything till I'd find THAT particular bag*sigh*
    this addiction is pretty crazy:smile:
    I'm absolutely positive that you'll find your dreambag soon CatCat:heart:
  7. i know exactly what you mean...i wanted a black city so madly but couldn't find it... i ended up buing a dior gaucho which i don't love and is difficult to sell because i am not familiar with e-bay.
    one month later i found my dream city...
    just be patient...the excitement will be greater when u find your dream bag!
  8. the only way I know of dealing with that kind of thing is either going without my CC, or going having decided what to get, having left my CC at the hotel, so that if I change my mind I have to go back to the hotel and get it, or I have to have the bag put on hold and then shipped to me. Make it complicated, it's the only way.
  9. I admire those of you that set the money aside and wait and wait and wait for that special bag to come along!!! I wish I had that kind of self control!!! I have no self control~ once I have the cash available it slips out of my hands b/c there's always something I have to buy. I'm going to make an effort to try to have self-control right now!!! I'm going to really try and be good.
  10. OMG if you want to hear crazy, I want a 05 turq soooo bad in a twiggy. city, first, id probably take anything, lol. That I go on eBay like 3 times a day to see if any are on, knowing full well i have never bought anything off of eBay and dont even have an account. LOL!! I just like to lust after them
  11. its super hard!! i have lost bags that i truely wanted cause i waited too long to decide, or worse, i would loose an auction for a HG bag then impulse purchase a bag that i did not necessarily want, then lo and behold HG would show up again and i would no longer have the funds.. its a learning curve...
    but i guess i am a slow learner!!! impatient at best!
  12. I can totally relate. I found my HG bag out of country and didn't have excessive funds at the time. Well I debated it way to long and tried to investigate customs, shipping etc, and by the time I was ready to get it, it was gone!! But it went to a lovely tPF member so at least someone is enjoying it =)
  13. me too!!! nothing is like appealing appealing to me..i just like it, get it and then use it for a while..then release the bag after i'm done!

    hope i find the turquoise / aqua first soon!
  14. i had been dreaming for a 05 black city but couldn't wait so i bought a 07 f/w one instead and now they are popping up on eBay every week!! >___<
    and now i want a 05 black first but i got no funds for it... >___<
  15. I totally understand your situation. Paris eh? I don't think you will return empty handed :graucho:. I have zero control when it comes to bags.

    Hope you will get your dream bag!