Tips on cleaning my rouge garance in clemence.

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  1. Dear Ladies, would like to ask some imput regarding a quick cleaning tips for my rouge garance birkin in clemence leather. After 8 days of holidays, i brought it home and realized how dirty it got (it was a workhorse bag touring 3 Asian metropolises with a family of four).
    I have never cleaned my bags before, but i heard that baby wipes may work well. Is that so? How about a moderately wet towel? Seems a good idea to me, but wouldn't like to ruin the bag.
    Any imput would be appreciated, thank you!
  2. i have used alcohol free and perfume free baby wipes to clean minor dirt spots on my bags. however i have read recently from our dear Docride that baby wipes are not good for the colours on the leather! perhaps you can ask her for advice on her thread? she recommended Blackrock leather n rich to clean and moisturise my vintage box constance recently.
  3. Mariacarla, I have your same exact Birkin and I have also used alcohol free baby wipes, but only to clean small areas, not for the whole bag! Why don't you send it to the Hermès spa? I sent mine last year and it came back perfect!
  4. Dear Chincac, thank you for your answer.
    You are right, Blackrock did wonders to my vintage box kelly in black. It was actually only one bag I have ever conditioned, but not cleaned, and yes, I did that after reading an old thread that dear Docride started some years ago. BLackrock followed by another product I don't member the name of (black plastic jar) made box leather kelly simply shine from within! However, I don't want to get through this "procedure" with clemence, as one of my friends reported that Blackrock "stucked" within the pores/fine vanes of her TOGO bag and I remember she was not so happy about the performance of that product on that particular leather.
    I guess i will just stick to a very mild baby wipes this time.
    Thank you again!
  5. Dear Duna,
    No, it's definitely not serious enough to be sent to spa. Besides, I use it quite a lot, not a good time for me to part with it.
    Thank you, dear!
  6. You're very welcome!
  7. I use a leather cleaning wipe I get from supermarket. It's designed for all types of leathers, including leather furniture etc. I have used it on my H Togo and other branded bags with great success. It cleans the dirt marks, metal marks etc without leaving any residue. It's from the household cleaning section in the supermarket.
  8. Want to add, I won't use the wipe on smooth delicate leather such as box. But I would not hesitate to use on togo, clemance, epsom or other grained leathers.
  9. I'd start with baby wipes. Gets surface dirt off easily.
  10. That's what i'll do. Thank you everyone for your posts.
  11. Go to the local bag cleaning service store. They do sell products for home- care, solution for leather cleaner which doesn't dry out the leather. Once dry, moisturise the bag with leather conditioner.

    Alcohol based solution will eat into the leather or cause discoloration.
  12. Update:
    I cleaned my rouge garrance with mild, alcohol free baby wipes. The effect is very good. Some color transfer, (little) blurs from ice cream and soda water went perfectly away. The leather hasn't lost its luster, it's as good as new.
    Thank you every one one more time.