Tips for buying a Chanel in Paris???

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  1. Hi! I will be visiting Paris in May! Hubby said I can have a shopping spree in Chanel!! Yay! Any tips or suggestions? I want to buy a jumbo red caviar. Are those usually in stock? I have a couple Chanel's but I have been buying pre loved. I had a hard time paying the high sticker tag but since I am in Paris....why not !! :smile: This will be my first "new" Chanel! So excited!! Please help me ! Can anyone describe/explain the VAT? I will be flying into Paris and leaving from London to the states.
    Thanks for the help in advance !!!
  2. Over on the shopping board of Chanel, you will find a ton of info about buying in Paris and also about shopping in T3 when returning through London. Most say don't count on finding a specific bag, but the prices are much better, especially at T3 where you don't have to wait for your rebate of VAT. The threads also talk about the VAT process of having the store fill out some paperwork, then you do more at the airport and choose either cash or refund to a CC. Have a fabulous trip! :smile:

    chasing my rainbow!
  3. Definitely check out the original Chanel boutique at 31 Rue Cambon. Get there early in the day to avoiding waiting forever for a SA. Vat is 11% return on cash or 13% back on credit cards. The SA at boutique fills out vat form for you so bring your passport to boutique while you shop. 1 passport gets you vat one one handbag and 5 wallets or slg. Never hurts to ask for what you are looking for specifically but keep an open mind and enjoy your experience at the original Paris boutique!!
  4. Thanks for the tip! I want to be knowledgeable when I get there. Lol it's not often my husband tells me to buy whatever I want!! Eeek!!

  5. Hi tutu shopper! I searched and some of the threads are pretty old. I'll keep seaching though :smile: I saw that you said you would pick lambskin over caviar anyday. I was thinking about buying a red jumbo lamb skin when I am in Paris . I live love lambskin but kind of afraid if it. Lol what are your thoughts ?? Here's what I have in my collection
    --Black 2.55 reissue 226 reissue in calfskin with ghw
    ---black bindi tote with stingray
    ---beige Clair jumbo with ghw
    ----rose Claire python with shw