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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    Hi everyone!

    I've been dying for a Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch in quilted or patchwork and was wondering what are some good tips to know when its on sale??

    I've been going to the sale thread religiously but i've noticed that stores have stuff on sale that isn't posted online? and i don't have the time to go to every single nordstroms, saks, bloomies, etc everyday....

    so i was wondering what i could do? SA's (does that mean sales associates? haha) don't seem to take me seriously since i'm so young so I don't know if they would call me if a zc would go on sale.. i try to look serious but no results.. haha

    so any tips? like when does the zc usually go on sale? i heard they go on pretty often but i've only seen a purple zc on sale for $315... and thats not really a sale price to me... :sad:

    for all you people that got your zc for under $200, please tell me how/when/where! :smile:
  2. Keep an eye on ebay :smile: You can get some great deals! There's always ZCs on there too! Make sure to post it in the authenticate this thread before bidding though b/c there are fakes out there.
  3. I try to go to the store to see whatever I'm lusting for just to meet it face to face and actually touch/inspect. Then I'll cruise *bay to see what they have to offer...and wait.

    Calling the store and talking to an SA is a level playing field since they don't have to 'know how old you are, only that you are looking for something to buy. They can locate things for you, especially when things are on sale. I've managed to cultivate good relationships w/ SA's entirely over the phone.
  4. For the most part, the sales in the store are over for now. Occasionally, a store may get a return item. The sales will start again around Thanksgiving, and last until January/February. In the meantime, there is a chance of getting a ZC on sale if NM, Saks or Nordies does the purchase two handbags/wallets for a certain amount and get $200 to $400 off special (like they did in the spring). Also, as others have mentioned, there's always ebay (just make sure you get it authenicated).
  5. there are lots of fake ZCs on ebay, especially of the quilted styles, so definitely have it authenticated here! thankfully most of them are pretty bad fakes, so you will quickly develop an eye for the real thing (and hopefully score a deal). Black ones seem pretty common on the 'bay and tend to go for less than $200, in my observation. There are also some pretty good deals to be had on BINs when combined with the discount.