tips for a first-time balenciaga girl?


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Mar 21, 2008
New York City
Hello all! :smile:
I just started looking at Balenciaga bags I need some tips, firstly:
Where (in your opinion) is the best place to buy a Balenciaga?

Are any particular styles/colours hard to get? (*crosses fingers)

Are there any "classic" balenciagas or does everything change every season?

What's the best style to get? I am swaying between city, giant city, and first but for some reason when I look through pictures they start looking similar or, worse, turn up the same pictures under different names. It's making my head spin! But I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to these. Pluses or minuses?

Pictures would be appreciated too!

Merci beaucoup, mes cheries! :love:
Jan 23, 2007
I like the city and first styles. I love the giant city but its $400 more than a regular city and its a bit heavier. Some styles do appear for 1 season only.

I like to shop at Neiman Marcus, Barney's, and Balenciaga New York.

Check the reference section for the different styles and shapes. Its hard for me to say what's the best style. Some bags tend to look more casual and others can be worn for night. It depends on your preference.

I love Bal! I love the bags and accessories. The colors and leather textures do vary season to season. Also, look at the care/maintenance section about the bags, too. The bags are effortlessly chic and subtle. Black and white are available year round, all the other colors are not permanent.

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Jan 14, 2006
hi! welcome to balenciaga!!! i love this word!!!!

ok- im from canada. totally differnet situation here....
i just got my first balenciaga~ lite magenta City GSH 2008 and i went for BIG COLOR!!!! leather and of course, availability.... for example, there was a sahara GSH City also available....

anyway- go and look and touch and feel and walk around the store! hey u live in NYC right! GO SHOPPING!


Mar 16, 2007
I think the city is a great classic style to get your hands on first.

Being in NYC, you can pop into Barneys and just try them on plus other styles for size!


Mar 12, 2008
city of angels
hm, where to begin?!

since you're in NYC, def go check out the Balenciaga NY store! Barneys usually has a great selection too.

as for "classic" Balenciaga styles, I would say many ladies like the City or First styles, and those are available in new or different colors every season / year. The First is smaller, and the City is more medium-sized. Both are great choices.

as for hardware, the City features RH (regular hardware) or GH (giant hardware, in either silver or gold).

and last but certainly not least, this forum is the BEST place to learn more about Bbags as they are affectionately called. There is a "Style Reference" thread and plenty other threads about prices, care & maintenance, etc.

good luck & post pics as soon as you get your first Bbag!


Sep 28, 2007
I'm fairly new to Bal myself but I can share what I've learned. I think the first is too small for an everyday bag, but great for short trips and errands or a night out. The city is a pretty great size for me for every day since I have a car and can leave most of my life in it if needed. I haven't tried the part-time (have tried it on). The work is a bit big for me but I'm already thinking the city is a bit small at times, so I think there's a work in my near future. The day is perfect for a casual bag I absolutely love it. Welcome!


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Jul 27, 2007
I agree with imonpurseblog, I think the city is the way to go! It's the classic balenciaga bag, and a perfect one to start out your collection with!!


Jul 31, 2006
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For me, one factor that I always have to consider is handle drop. I agree that the city is a great everyday size but wearing the handles over my shoulder is not comfortable. The part-time is a little bigger (more rectangular) and the work is even bigger (same general shape as the city), and both have handles that fit over the shoulder. "Giant" refers to the hardware on the bag, but the dimensions of the bag are the same between GH (giant hardware) and RH (regular).


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Dec 21, 2007
Take it easy, I guess. Balenciaga can be a little overwhelming. There are so many colors to choose from, styles/hardware combos, etc. I think the most important thing is getting a Bbag you really like. Don't buy anything that makes you go, "Well, it's ok." Good luck and happy Bbag hunting! :flowers:


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Jun 11, 2007
since you live in NYC...def go to barneys (mad/60) and take a look at the sizes and color, there are two mirrors next to the bal counter...try them to see which one fits you the best. my first bbag was a First...'cos it has the most classic favourite style so far. browse this forum for other misc comments. barneys does not carry all the colors. if you end up liking a black bag..then the best bet is balNY.
have fun!!