Tips & advice for my upcoming trip to Vietnam!!

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  1. Hi all! In a few days, I will be going on vacation to Vietnam for two weeks! :yahoo: I will be going on a tour to major hotspots in Vietnam like Da Lat, Vung Tau, etc. (from what my mom told me) and then staying in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City for one week. I'm super excited since I have not been there since I was a little kid, hence I am not familiar with what I should bring and pack. I know it's extremely hot and humid over there so I think I've packed all my appropriate summer attires. :yes:

    What I'm worried most about is people warning me about the food there and to bring medicines. What type of medicines should I bring?

    Also, I've heard a lot of stories about pick pocketing over there so, any tips on how to safe guard my stuff while on the streets? What type of bags I should carry with me if at all? I think I will let my mom handle my money over there since I can be absent-minded sometimes. :sweatdrop: ANY tips and advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

    Edited to add: I will be carrying my digicam at all times because I want to take pictures of everything over there. :smile: Any safety tips for safe guarding that?
  2. ohhh yay! your trip will be soooo much fun! you will be there just in time for chinese new years and thats the best time to go! I havent been there since i was younger too sooo i dont have any advice for you, sorry. I'm planning on going in July for the Miss Universe 2008 which is being held in Nha Trang.
  3. Vietnam is like the only country is SE asia I have not been to. :crybaby: But do, buy, taste, and see everything you can b/c chances you never get a second chance. And take lots of nice pictures.
  4. No tips just enjoy, Vietnam looks like a very interesting place to visit.
  5. Have a great trip! As well as the lovely members of TPF (smart bunch they are) you can always check or

    Here is a link from the good ole US govt website:

    All I take out of it is just be careful with your stuff. Sounds like a money belt ( and no purses, even messengers) are in order.

    I cannot help with the shot advice - I've been to Asia about 20 times in the past ten years (never Vietnam) and for the first five I never had shots and was ok. For the second 5 my company made me get every vacine possible. Not sure it did any good. Talk to your Dr. if any concerns.

    Again - have a great time!
  6. For your bag just bring one that is zippered shoulder bag and doesn't extend too far behind your back! (you know how one part sticks out in front of you and one part sticks out in back with big bags and rectangular bags) That way you'll always keep your stuff close to you and less likely to be pickpocketed. If you're going to be taking a lot of pictures just make sure your strap is always on and if you keep it close to you, you shouldn't have to worry about it! :smile:

    I haven't been to Vietnam but when I go to Taiwan I am like candy to mosquitos so I always pack some kind of bug repellant! But you can buy it there too! But thats just me, some of my friends never get bitten! I still have scars from trips I took 5 years ago! I guess you shouldn't have to worry too much because anything you need, you should be able to buy there!

    Have fun! I'm excited for you!!! I miss Asia so much! I know you'll have a blast! Share some pictures with us when you get back you hear? :smile:
  7. missjeni: wow, going to Vietnam during the Miss Universe 2008 sounds super fun!! I would love to go and watch the pageant but I don't think I can stand the heat AND rain during that month.

    louis loves fendi 818: yes, i'm planning to take pictures of everything at every second. :smile: i want to get the most out of everything while i'm there too.

    laloki: thank you. i'm so excited i'm ready to board the plane now!! esp. taking time off from work. :beach:

    Christine: thank you for all your links! I am looking through them right now. :tup:

    anniebobannie: thanks for the bug repellant reminder. That reminds me of the time when my sis and i were in Vietnam when we were kids. She woke up one morning with a mosquito squished to death on her arms. Apparently, she squished it while it was trying to bite her arm, in her sleep!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. theres a thread on this with some relaly great tips!

    let me find it and get back to ya.
  9. Don't miss the Prince's palace in Dalat where you can dress up and take pics - it's fun. And also the cable car gives you a wonderful perspective of the area. Try their coffee - it's the thickest, blackest tar coffee you will ever drink - called weasel coffee I think!!!

    In Saigon, keep your bag in front of you and do watch your belongings. And also watch the children trying to sell you things, they are very sly and cunning. There are lots of great markets to see here - I bought about 10 pairs of beautiful shoes!
  10. yay i'm from vietnam! we're going back this summer after i'm out of school! if you carry a bag, make sure that it doesn't have logos on it because there are purse snatchers. the same goes for jewelry. don't wear anything too conspicuous because i've seen people get earrings get ripped out of their ears or necklaces ripped off. usually i get sick within the first week, but after that i'm fine. bring flip flops and sunglasses. SUNSCREEN is a must. nights get really cold, especially if you're driving around on motorcycles. bring a hoodie or two. if you can, find a strap for your camera that you can wear around your neck. their electrical outlets are way different, so make sure you can find adapters for ipod chargers, cell phone chargers, etc. the flight is so long, so bring LOTS of stuff to do on the plane. have fun :smile:
  11. thanks everyone for the great tips! i'm def. putting all these on my checklist before i leave. :tup:
  12. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go and check out the historical sites! have a great time and take loads of pictures!