Tip for Take-out?

  1. When ya'll get take-out, do you tip or no? I tend to feel bad not to, but is it really necessary? :shrugs:
  2. Yeah I tip like 2 or 3 bucks
  3. If it is a sit-down resturant where the bartender has to deal with your order (my local outback and red lobster are this way) then I do leave a tip. Typically I give a smaller percentage than what I would for sitting in (say 5-8%).

    If it is a place that specializes in take out, and has a system for it (car side service like Applebees) I typically don't tip.
  4. for take out.. its $1-2... im very cheap... lol see the posts in the Money Talks threads.. I have to save up for bags here people.. I dont play games...
  5. Then I must be cheap as well b/c I live in NYC, too, and I tip about 2 bucks for delivery for anything under 20, up to 4 for orders over that amount.
  6. Delivered to my house - yes, but when I pick up - no.
  7. I used to work at a restaurant, and I had to package the to-go orders. It was a lot of work to seat people, take the orders over the phone, be the cashier, AND make sure nothing was missing from the to-go order. I always appreciated it when I received a tip. So now yes I definitely leave a tip. :yes::yes::yes:
  8. I leave about 8% also. It is alot of extra work. But they always remember so they make sure order is complete.
  9. Yes, I still leave 10-15% but I leave about 20-30% when I sit-down. Someone still has to take the order and get it ready so I feel they still deserve a tip.
  10. We do, but we tend to get our takeout from a handful of favorite restaurants, where the people are especially nice to us and give us special deals and extra stuff.

    Technically, I don't think it is absolutely necessary since there is no "service" as such involved, but it is a nice gesture, and can be helpful in making you loved at that restaurant, and thus get special deals and extra stuff...

    And if there is a "tip jar" by the register, by all means, you should drop a few dollars in!

    And I am referring to pick-up take out. Anything that is delivered, I think it is mandatory, from the politeness standpoint, to tip the driver, since she did provide some "service" in the generally understood sense of the word.
  11. :yes: ditto!
  12. That's my philosophy... although after reading a bit here, I may include a small tip for the packaging.
  13. me too.
  14. I actually just went put up Chilis to go... and I said F*it (haha) and gave the guy all my dollar bills (only $4) but it's SOMETHING. I don't think it's necessary, but I'm overly nice when it comes to tipping people especially when seated IN a rest.
  15. i usually tip even if i get take out but it all depends on the service and if my order is perfect... not missing anything.