tiny gold cross necklace

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a tiny gold cross necklace? It has to be extremely tiny so I can layer it with other necklaces. Thanks!
  2. I was thinking of dogeared, too!!! Nordstrom's just started selling these in Vegas, but I've ordered from Intuition, too.
  3. Thanks guys!! I love their stuff!!! Have you guys actually bought it before? I wonder how the gold-dipped things hold up...
  4. Aw man, that Dogeared stuff is soooo cute. I wish I hadn't clicked on that link :push:
  5. Ohh great idea! I recently saw those at Nordstrom's too, very cute!
  6. look for childrens jewelry, at good jewelry stores or even tj maxx.
  7. Lord and Taylor
  8. dogeared is such a cute site! thanks for the info!
  9. Ive just come across this site. ADORABLE! Does anyone know if other department store (ie Dillards, VonMaur) carry these. TIA Kim