Tiny Bikini On 10 Year Old Model

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Sep 7, 2006
Use of 10-year-old Girl As a Bikini Model is Criticized

Ashley Paige, a celebrity bikini designer was under fire for parading a young girl on the ramp with near-naked models during a show at the Los Angeles Fashion Week.
Critics were upset at the sight of the schoolgirl in a bikini along with older scantily-clad models. !@#$%?&*hello !!! what about what she wore !
“She can only have been about ten. It was very inappropriate,” said one member of the audience.
Ashley Paige is famous for her knitted and crocheted bikinis and for the sexy swimwear favoured by stars including Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Carmen Electra.
The use of kid models in ramp shows is phenomenal, but not on a catwalk surrounded by almost topless women.
The designer started the trend for knit bikinis and even came up with a method of keeping them waterproof.


Way too skimpy for a little one. This world has way too many perverts for a child to wear something like that. Totally uncalled for! What are people thinking??!!:mad:


Mar 3, 2007
1st question: where the HELL are the parents of the daughter? Sadly, THEY see nothing wrong with it. Or, perhaps they are clouded by the $$ signs in their eyes that they hope to make off of their child's back.

As for the designer, if people simply boycotted her products, she would get the message REAL fast. Sorry to say, people are too selfish to do that AND there are way too many who actually will see nothing wrong with this bikini on this little girl and being marketed to little girls.
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