Timeless or running out of time?

  1. Do you believe metallic handbags are timeless or trendy? I'm loving mine, and I know I will carry it for many years to come? It goes so well with most colors; it's my new neutral.:tup:
  2. For me, metallic bags will always be in style but not as an everyday bag. It's more of an occasional thing to help 'pop' an outfit, IMO.
  3. i think everything comes in cycles too. kinda trendy right now but when the trend dies out, u just put it away for awhile and dig it out agian l8r. of course, this depends on the type of bag too
  4. It's always a good idea to have a metallic bag / clutch or two for evening, like a silver and a gold. I think the big metallic day bags are trendy, but will stick around at least through the fall.
  5. I think come spring there will be more of a variation of metallic. I think it will be subtle. The whole silver bronze, gold, pewter, silver thing will move to colors that have a metallic component to it. The trend will not go on forever. It didn't in the 80's. Evening bags are a different story.
  6. I think subtle metallic is classic, especially for evening wear.
  7. I think they have established themselves as neutral classics now.

    It took them a few decades to do so, and it may not be something that happens often, but it does happen.

    Shoulder bags were not always considered timeless classics, but few would argue that they are novelty or niche bags today!
  8. I think that metallics are here to stay. The super-shiny, bright vinyl ones are more trendy, but the subtle ones have been a mainstay in designers' collections for several years now.
  9. My only metallic (LV silver miroir lockit) is probably not a "classic" but more of a showpiece. I think shiny bling items are more for collectors whereas the matte metallics could be used for more practical everyday wear.
  10. Definately timeless , but for that special occasion :yes:
  11. I am still totally in love with my Perfect and Magical Metallic Bag.

    ( http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/i-found-my-perfect-and-magical-metallic-bag-107090.html )

    I reach for it so much that other bags, especially those that used to get out more, have started to mumble and whisper disgruntledly among themselves.

    From time to time, people here post threads about which of your bags do you get more compliments on, and I always say my One-of-a-Kind Hand-Embroidered masterpieces, which are to me the jewels of my collection - and not just of bags, but possessions in general.

    I am wild about those bags the same way some on here are wild about bags bearing the name of this or that famous maker.

    But the next time somebody posts a "Which Bag Do Strangers Compliment?" thread, I will have to say my embroidered pets AND Perfect and Magical Metallic Bag!

    It is the only modern, traditional, mass produced, however you want to categorize it, bag, famous name or otherwise, the ONLY one aside from the Museum Quality Arm Art, that causes strangers to come up to me in public places to admire my bag and ask where they can get one.

    I am starting to think that it may have been a sample of some kind, because I still can't find any pictures of it anywhere, and I have to tell questioners that while I got it at Burlington Coat Factory, it was the only one, and that was back in March.

    Anyway, thank you for allowing me to shallowly obsess over my Perfect and Magical Metallic Bag.