Timeless black evening bag, help me choose?

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  1. okay so I can only up to a hundred, so options for a stylish but timeless black bag for date nights with my husband are limited but here are the 4 I am considering. Two cross bodys and two clutches, one with a wearable wrist handle.
    Here's the most mainstream option, the ($100, used) mini mac :
    Now an envelope clutch from dvf($77, used): image.jpeg
    And a cross body ($78 new) with fringe (I would probably cut it off): image.jpeg

    Here's a bargain find, new from Amazon for $48, with 6 rave 5 star reviews gushing about the quality of the leather), from skågen
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    So I prefer a strap, but the style of the studs with the envelope clutch is so me ; doubt I would tire of it. The dvf crossbody would be very handy and simple and classic -a practical choice. The mini mac is so cute I really love it and could see myself reaching for it and using it for my personals inside my diaper bag in the daytime as well. And the skagen is just so simple I'm in love with the lack of hardware and the simplicity and I've always wanted to wear a wristlet on a wrist band like that.

    Help? Buy them all and give away the ones I don't love?
  2. I like the one from Skågen the best! I have to admit to being a big fan of the simple, classic look though (and I think the Scandinavians do it best). I think it would look great paired with anything, whether it's a nice blouse and jeans, or even a more formal dress :smile:
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  3. Honestly I think the mini Mac is the most practical as it is an everyday bag (I have 3). I also had a Skagen that had a wrist strap and the leather is really soft but I sold it as I never used it. Although I like its minimalism, I have to admit that I like even my clutches to have some interesting features.

    If you want a real evening clutch though, I honestly like the DVF best. It has a nice shape and the studs add a tasteful edge.
  4. I would vote the Skagen (good leather) or DVF clutch
  5. I like the dvf or the skagen
  6. I like the Skagen
  7. The DVF clutch, if it's really just for date nights ;) Carrying a clutch is such a chic look. The mini mac is a great day bag.
  8. Skagen or Mini Mac. I think the Mini Mac would be the most versatile.

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  9. I vote the DVF clutch
  10. Clutch
  11. I'm kind of cooling off on every single option for some reason. There's an annoying con with each option. Mostly I want it to have a great feel in my hand and be a daily luxury to use as a large wallet in my giant black mom bag , but then be able to dress it up as a tiny evening bag once in a blue moon.

    Mini mac not any kind of wallet, neither of the dvf options either. The skågen maybe, but full flap kind of annoying. Ideally it opens up completely so I can quickly find what I need.

    Here's an idea of something I could use :

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Doesn't open all the way but has a nice thin chain strap for shoulder carry. Ideally it would have a thin crossbody strap.

    Still totally unsure....