Tight Clothing, Plenty Of Cleavage & Heels: Watch Out London !

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  2. Mariah knows how to keep a crowd waiting as she makes her grand arrival Thursday at the Pinko store in London. The diva is the new face of the Italian fashion house
  3. OMG! :roflmfao:
  4. she must be FREEZING!!!!!

    and yano what BOTHERS me! how can people wear heels day and night and not get REALLY REALLY sore FEET :sad: if i wore boots like that id give it 3 hours on my feet until the balls of my feet packed in!
  5. I like how she uses her jacket as a cleavage bearing top. Anythings fair game.
  6. I don't know why, but I always feel shes trying to hard. Don't get me wrong I love her songs, I'm just happy I don't have to see her when I'm listening to them.
  7. :yucky:
  8. Ok so if she can get a multimillion fashion ad campaign then every celeb should get one.Seriously i am not hating on Mariah,love her music think she is a beautiful talented woman.But...i dont think she should advertise fashion and clothes.Specially when there are women like Chloe Sevigny,Maggie G. and many other very stylish female celebs out there and they dont get any fashion coverage!Its just crazy but then again i never heard about this label until now hahaha so i guess its not that bad.

    Here is Mariah in PInko's new campaign:
  9. ITALIAN fashion house Pinko will tonight celebrate Mariah Carey as it's new face, with a party held in her honour. The campaign, which has been fronted by models Elle Macpherson, Eva Herzigova and Naomi Campbell in previous years, is rumoured to be worth Ł7million. This would make Carey one of the highest paid musicians in a fashion advertising deal since 2005, when Madonna was reportedly paid Ł10.5million to sign with Versace. "All our campaigns feature famously beautiful women," explained Pinko president and founder Pietro Negra, "but this time we wanted not only a beautiful woman but a musical artist, because music is the greatest channel of communication, it reaches across generations." Mariah Carey herself added, "I'm really flattered to have been asked to be the new face of Pinko," said Carey. I first discovered this spectacular fashion house while working in Italy, in my favourite place in the world, the Isle of Capri. I immediately became a huge fan of the brand, and I bought almost everything in the store. So as you can imagine, when I was approached about doing the Pinko campaign, I was beyond excited. The clothes are so stylish and fun, I'm really looking forward to our new venture together." The pictures were shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Michelangelo Di Battista. (February 15 2007, AM)
  10. ^^ she looks great in that picture. body wise.

    i wonder if it was excerise or airbrushing
  11. I feel like she doesn't even wear a shirt underneath half the time.
  12. Ahhhhhh......my all time favorite diva! Love her.
  13. That always amazes me too, I wouldn't even last 3 hours!!

    She looks hot!
  14. I think she looks great! Go Mariah!
  15. I love Mariah! I think she looks great and doesn't conform.