Tiffany's E-Ring Upgrade Policy???

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  1. I think I read somewhere that there is not an upgrade policy in Asia either but that's just a vague memory and I could be totally wrong... I can only speak for Perth because that's the only Tiffany's I've ever been to! So annoying, because we are thinking of upgrading my ring after the wedding and my H2B is willing to spend 4x the original amount... you'd think they would offer it in that situation at least! Oh wells.
  2. Have you had your ring for awhile now? I know of someone who bought a rather chunky gold bracelet as a gift only to return it to the Perth store after about 10 months and he actually got a refund.... so if you're looking at spending 4x the amount of your current e-ring, one would think they might try to do something!?!
  3. I've had my ring for 2 years (long engagement)! But getting married in Jan and if I want to upgrade just after H2B will take me in. So if I do I will definitely get serious with them and try to talk them into letting me do it. It would be such a waste to have a ring lying around I don't use.
  4. In regards to the 5 years limit for upgrade, it may be better to check with the your local tiffany store. I had my upgraded 10 years later. I thought it was one time upgrade, no time limit. They may have changed their policy recently.
  5. Hmm... I thought I read once in a different thread someone had gotten an upgrade in Malaysia's Tiffany...Anyways, I always thought 'upgrades' were when the TPFers' generoud hubby bought them a bigger stone but they kept the old one too. I was too shy to ask, so it has become a real pleasant surprise to find this thread. DH is angry with me now though cause I got too excited over this piece of info. :wondering
  6. that's such a bummer!
    this is what i was told too... when i was there :/ i don't think upgrade policy exist in Asia
  7. We bought my Tiffany e ring at the Tiffany's in hong kong. Do you think I could upgrade it when we go to arizona on holiday?
  8. I have quite a few pieces from Tiffany's so that might have something to do with what I'm about to say, which is that Tiffany's customer service is second to none. But, if you're there to spend more money and what you are upgrading from has no damage, they will likely do it with a smile. At least that's been my consistent experience with them. It's partly why I have so much stuff from them too :smile:.
  9. same situation I am in right now. My husband and I will only be able to afford a .5 carat soleste at tiffany or .6 tops. even .7 would be a stretch and out of our budgets I guess. I havent tried it on yet, what with the double halos, the .5 or .6 might be just enough. also, not only does it seem more advantage for tiffany than for us, I am a silly sentimental person, so I guess even when we can afford to upgrade if we wish so, I wouldnt. wold end up getting a stack of anniversary bands for the right hand instead of upgrading the one my husband worked so hard to give me when he was young (he is only 25 now and I am 23) not as financially stable as he will be someday.

    i know, i know, being retorical here. lol
    I think I will end up going with a .5 carat if I like it when I try it on. If I think it is too small, I may end up buying from another store. It is just my dream ring would be from Tiffanys. I know I would be paying for the name... but it is tiffany!
  10. I'm also 23 and my fiance is 24 soon 25 and same with the budget
    I have my heart set on a few bracelets atm so it's taking me longer for the ring as i'm saving for each piece in order :smile:
    so i figured in stead of saving for so long for a bigger diamon why not go for something more affordable which is just a pretty
    i was tempted to buy from a jewellers like goldsmiths or ernest jones but i dont get that same feeling about the idea of buying from them ... i could get a bigger diamond from them for the price of a smaller tiffany diamond... same as you could however i just dont get the same excitement from it is it just me ?

  11. lol
    it is not just you, I am the same here, really! i would rather get a smaller toffany ring than a bigger one from somewhere else. I dont like huge stones anyway, for me the perfect ring would be one carat, top one carat and a half. even if i could afford i wouldnt want bigger than that. and i wouldnt get one bigger than that even for cheapper somewhere else either. as long as the ring is at least half a carat i think i will be fine with it, but I need to try it on first to see.

    as for bracelets, i love charm bracelets (trollbeads, pandora, thomas sabo...) and the good thing with those is that i can buy just a bead or a charm per time when i dont have much money, if i had to buy it at once it would feel too heavy on my pocket. :P
  12. I thought that before as well, only found out yesterday about the tiffany upgrade policy! but dont know if it applies to germany or if I would choose to upgrade as I am really sentimental and will undoubtedly be really attatched to my ring (which will probably be from tiffany but isnt sure yet)
  13. I am the same. After 5 years I got more than 90% of what I paid for initially, and my SA didn't charge me restocking fee either. I think Tiffany's was very fair.
  14. Unfortunately, the upgrade policy does not apply to Europe. My e-ring was purchased in the US, but we moved back to Europe since then and so they told me that if I want an upgrade, I will have to proceed through Tiffany U.S.
  15. thank you so much for the information! in a way, it is nice i dont have the option, if i end up getting a ring from them i wouldnt be tempted to ever upgrade, as i would be attatched to it, and wouldnt buy a new one because i wouldnt want such a pretty ring just sitting around at home. :roflmfao: