Tiffany's E-Ring Upgrade Policy???

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  1. #1 Oct 27, 2009
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2009
    I am so excited to be finalizing our engagement ring purchase from Tiffany's, however when I asked about the one time upgrade policy the SA told me there was not one.
    Kinda confused, I read on Pricescope and threads here on TPF about ladies having their e-rings upgraded at Tiffany's, can anyone help me out?
    Many thanks:smile:
  2. I always thought it had to be 2x or more of the cost of the trade in.
  3. Maybe you should ask the manager at your store, I wonder if the SA knows about it?
  4. Tiffany's upgrade policy is that you must purchase a ring 2x the appraised price of the original. Basically, they will take your original ring, appraise it (it will most likely be less than what you originally paid), and that price (minus any taxes) will be used towards the new ring. This was told to us by our SA when we purchased my ring there this past Feb.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  5. Thanks so much ladies for the helpful information:smile:
    I really appreciate it!
  6. does this upgrade policy exist in the UK still????
  7. 2x cost of appraised price, plus a 10% service/restocking fee, may be able to waive it depending on your relationship with the store.

    As far as I know it does still exist in the UK?
  8. Isn't there a 5 year max as well?
  9. ^^That depends on the store or manager as well, but I am sure in this economy if your purchasing they will do it. Why else are they setting diamonds in silver? I am rather disappointed in that they are diluting the brand but I guess they are doing what they have to in order to survive.
  10. sorry to sound a bit silly but can someone explain to me what exactly happens. do you get a completely new ring? and how much money would you actually save towards your upgrade. say if i started with a 0.5 carat diamond solitaire and then upgraded to 1 carat .... is this possible.
    i know you're not actually saving money as such, but investing the smaller diamond into purchasing a bigger one right? do you get a good amount of what you paid for the original ring back into funding the new upgraded ring?
  11. You only can upgrade one time through them. You're returning the entire ring you wore towards an entirely separate one that has to appraise at least 2x what you paid for your current ring. So upgrading from a .5 ct to a 1 ct with better specs is an option. But they do have restrictions on what you can do. Ask your local Tiffany's for more accurate info since you are UK.
  12. Tiffany did tell me that I can pay to change my setting at any time. Right now, my ring is a three stone style but if I ever wanted a solitaire, we could pay to use my center stone in a different style like the Embrace or a Schlumberger design.
  13. No offense, I see no problem with wanting a Tiffany ring and do not want to re-open the endless Tiffany vs. other rings debate. But it seems to me that this upgrade policy is stacked against you badly. When you come in to get the upgrade, they appraise the ring they sold you, usually for less? AND charge a restocking fee? Meaning, they get your original ring cheap and get to resell it at probably more than the original (high) price? AND you have to buy something 2X as expensive to get them to do this?
    Am I missing something?
    I also don't get the thing about them allowing YOU to pay to change your ring style. They're doing you a favor here? anybody will let you PAY to change something. Or do you actually get some kind of discount which I missed?
    Idon't mean to be rude, but I honestly don't get this and I for one would think even harder than usual before planning to buy a ring that I didn't really quite like, expecting to get something I liked more in a few years (sometimes that happens,sometimes it doesn't) when it is such a bad deal in the future.
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  14. This is what i was worried about ... Tiffany having the old ring for dirt cheap and selling it at a higher price and giving me barely anything for it towards the upgrade. i was considering as i would love a 1 or 2 carat ring but right now its not possible. i will have to have something no more than half a carat diamond ......if i want it soon. hmmmm ... not sure if i should just wait but i would love something to wear now

  15. from what i see ... the only "benefit" from a tiffany ring is the brand name ... or am i wrong? i would love one but i keep doubting whether it will be worth so much more
    are cartier as good as tiffany?