Tiffany Tree!

jimmie staton

Nov 30, 2018
i just decorated my mini tree and it made me smile so I thought I’d share! View attachment 4274695
Is anyone else out there doing a Tiffany inspired tree this year? Would love to see!
Lovely... ask Santa for a six foot tree covered in Tiffany & Co. Ornaments and Tiffany & Co. small box presents (the smaller the box, the costlier the item) and surrounded by medium to large Tiffany & Co. presents filled with Tiffany & Co. blanket, Tiffany & Co. flatware, Tiffany & Co. stemware, Tiffany & Co. Twin Bell Alarm Clock, etc.
I think I will start buying gifts now for 2019 and do a small tree for my Wife, minimum 12 presents.