tiffany silver

  1. hey. im thinking of getting my first tiffany piece-the return to tiffany heart tag bracelet. before i do i want to make sure about the silver..ive read on these threads that the silver tarnishes? does this happen often and how can you prevent it?

  2. Yes, silver tarnishes. its just its nature. A bracelet is very easy to clean.
    I know that candlesticks, bowls etc, that are left out in the open, the sun will make them tarnish quicker than something that is put in a cupboard.
    Make sure this item you are buying is sterling silver & not silver plated.
  3. ya my sterling silver stuff from there definitely tarnishes.. u can pay them to clean it..
  4. That bracelet is WORTH IT! Sure, its pricey but for the wear I have gotten out of that bracelet, it is definitely worth it. You will love it! It's my most frequently worn piece!
  5. Sterling silver tarnishes, it can't be helped. I use the precious jewelry cleaner from qvc and it works really well.
  6. yes tiffany silver does tarnish, but you can buy the cleaning cloth from Tiffany's and clean it from time to time -- it looks really shiny and it supposedly prevents silver from tarnishing.
  7. I forgot to mention that I have that bracelet and it is a beautiful, weighty piece of jewelry!
  8. i work at a nationwide jewerly chain store. I'd suggest bringing it to a local jeweler and have them RHODIUM plate/cover your silver bracelet. with the rhodium plate, it will not tarnish and it won't harm your bracelet at all. It might become a bit darker but it's hardly noticable.
  9. My sister wears her heart necklace everyday and it hasn't tarnished but I keep mine in the jewelry box and its almost black.

    Out of all my silver jewelry, my items from Tiffanys tarnishes the most, but its still worth getting. How can you resist Tiffanys?
  10. I have a lot of their silver jewelry! The stuff I wear the most doesn't tarnish much AT ALL! The stuff I leave in the box and hardly EVER wear, does tarnish a bit but, I can bring it in for them to clean or use a cleaner at home (it's just like owning silver serving pieces...ya gotta polish 'em). So, with the bracelet (which you could use every day) you should be fine!
  11. just have them cleaned or polish them yourself. i think they're worth buying. i have the bracelet and the matching necklace. love them both!
  12. I had never heard of that, but thanks for the info! :yes: