Tiffany Lucida

  1. Does anyone here have a Tiffany Lucida ring - or similar style??? My DBF and I have been together for almost five years, will be engaged soon, and would love to see photos of my dream ring!!
  2. I actually wanted that ring too! But I ended up getting a round brillant from tiffanys instead. I love the look of lucida and the band of the brillant. Congrats on the soon to be engagement!
  3. That was the first ring I looked at too! I think the cut is really unique and I love the cross prongs of the Lucida setting...but then I started seeing too many replicas of the lucida setting, so I decided against that. I saw some pics of the ring on pricescope, so you can check it out there. Diamond prices: comparison, statistics, education , just search for Tiffany Lucida. Congrats on the upcoming engagement!
  4. I have a ring that is made by the same designer that makes the lucida ring. D Vatche makes a gorgeous x prong that you can either put a round brilliant or a princess cut in (or a cushion for that matter). Look up his designs up online. You can get a much larger stone for the money if you go this route. The diamond obviously is not the same cut, but it has a very similiar feel.

    Mine is the one in the center

  5. Make sure you try it on! When DH and I got engaged, I loved the Lucida more than the traditional Tiffany 6-prong, but when I went to try them on in store, my hands looked HORRIBLE in the Lucida cut for some reason... I ended up with their traditional solitaire.

    There are tons of pics on the Tiffany website!
  6. Tweetie I had the same problem! Since the band was so thick, it made my fingers look SO stubby. The think band of the solitaire made my fingers look much better!