tiffany heart tag necklace question

  1. is it ok to wear tiffany heart tag necklace (and bracelet) to a wedding or will it look to casual.. plain little black dress, black leather pumps.. here is the picture.. thanks everyone
  2. [​IMG]

    the dress is very similar to this one
  3. I think it would be just fine if you're a guest. If you're in the wedding party, you may want to ask the bride first. After all, it does have hearts on it!
  4. that is the dress the BMs in my wedding wore! and i think it will go well w the jewellery
  5. If it is a daytime wedding, I think it will be very pretty. If it is an evening wedding, I'd probably opt for pearls.
  6. I think it would look cute. I love my Tiffany's stuff, I just shined my pieces up today!
  7. I think it will look just fine.
  8. To me it is always okay to wear Tiffany's , it goes with everything
  9. I wore my open heart necklace with a black dress to a wedding last weekend and it didn't look too casual (at least I don't think it did!)

    And because visual aids always help:
  10. :tup:YEAH!
  11. ITA it's a great daytime piece. I'd wear something else for an evening wedding.
  12. I think it's perfectly fine. I would :yes:
  13. That dress is AMAZINGLY stunning and I think it will be fine. I'd pass on the bracelet though.
  14. i think it is very nice, just the necklace is fine. enjoy! post the picture if you can.
  15. thanks everyone, the wedding is this sunday, I will post pictures. :biggrin: