Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet: Engraved?

  1. I have a tiffany heart tag bracelet (the return to tiffany) that my boyfriend got me two years ago. I know that everyone and their mom has one - but it was my first Tiffany piece, and I've become freakishly attached to it. I wear it all the time (well, not in the shower or to sleep or anything, lol) - even when I'm sick or *gasp* wearing no makeup. It brings me comfort in an odd way - it feels lucky almost. I've worn it through some hard times, some beautiful times. Weddings, surgeries - you get the point - I'm attached. Anyway - I never had it engraved - and now I'm thinking I should - do you know if they'll still engrave it? I want the engraving to have meaning - but I don't know what I want it to say. I don't want initials or any of that - I want it to be something personal. Any ideas?

    Do any of you have your tag bracelets engraved? What do they say?
  2. Mine says my name and my communion date ( I got it as a gift). Is there any occusion or celebration that you are getting it for? Maybe your name could be engraved on it?
  3. As I said, I got it 2 years ago - and it was just a spur of the moment, on the spot gift my boyfriend bought me while we were browsing.
  4. Maybe your name and /or your boyfriends name?
  5. I have the large heart tag Return to Tiffany bracelet, given to me by my DH, it's engraved with "all my love forever"
  6. Mine was given to me by my DH when we first started dating almost 6 years ago... it's got a cheesy saying with his nickname on one side, and my initials on the other (I have the plain heart tag bracelet).
  7. I have the large heart Return to Tiffany bracelet. My fiancee (then BF at the time) had it engraved with "Tim and Nicole" and our anniversary date under it.

    I love it...I don't care how many people have is soooo special to me:smile:
  8. I have the regular heart tag bracelet, not the return to tiffany one, and I feel the same way you do about yours. It's so special to me and even though I own things that are worth moreit is still my favorite piece of jewelry. I got mine for my 16th birthday (almost 7 years ago) and it's engraved with my name in script in the front and then my birthday with hearts in between the numbers. I love it! :biggrin:

    You can definitely still get it engraved. I would say just get your name on it but it depends on what you'd rather have, something just having to do with you or with your BF too.
  9. If my boyfriend would give me something like that I would definately engrave both of our names on it, and maybe the date as well.
  10. Maybe I'll do our anniversary - hmmm :P
  11. How about your initials in a pretty font?

    Or, if you get married and change your last name, you could put the initial of your new last name on it in a pretty font ;) and then someday pass it down in your will to a family member.
  12. I think I'm really diggin' the idea of our anniversary - our first date. When we get married we'll have a new anniversary date, so this way we'll always remember our first ever date - our first kiss :P