Tiffany Etoile Size Dilemma - Please Help!!


Aug 24, 2010
I have been drooling over the Tiffany Etoile scattered band for years and just got one (hooray!). I plan to wear it as a wedding band and will wear my engagement ring on my right hand.

I did some research before buying and read that many people recommend to go up 1/4 size since it is a wider band (4+mm). So, I got a 6.25 rather than my usual 6. We finally purchased (and is GORGEOUS!) but it's definitely looser than what I'm used to. It doesn't fall off, but it comes off very easily, and slides around on my knuckle a bit.

I know it is winter and all my rings are looser - and, of course, it was tighter when I woke up this morning so maybe I don't want to go down to a 6. But, my main concern is that I'm 7 months pregnant and am worried that if a ring is loose now, it'll be ridiculously loose once I lose my baby weight. I don't think my fingers are too swollen - at least, I haven't had to stop wearing any of my rings. Still, I've gained a lot of weight already (eek) so I am concerned. (I did lose about 50+ pounds after I had my daughter, though, and I didn't have to get any of my rings sized down, so there's that...)

What would you do? Would you rather have a ring on the looser side or the snugger side? Just can't decide what to do...

THANK YOU for any advice you may have! :smile:


Dec 7, 2012
How I always 'check' my rings is I will put my hand down and vigorously shake my hand back and forth to see how far it slides up my finger. I like my rings to fit very snug so if it slides at all, I will usually go for a smaller size but as a rule of thumb, if it can slide by itself past the initial point of your knuckle then it is too big. I heard from a jeweler that a ring should be fairly easy for you to take off but difficult for someone else to take off because they can't exactly twirl it and bend your knuckle for you. Maybe have someone try to pull it off for you and if it comes off very easily or if it can slide passed your knuckle by itself, I would say it's too big. Fingers do swell in the morning and at night but not enough to necessarily change the size of ring you need to wear. I had a ring that was too big for me and it could actually shake off my hand by itself so I would take it off if I was using my hands in a way that I couldn't keep an eye on it and I ended it losing it that way.


Mar 22, 2007
Yknow, I would maybe return it now and wait til you're not pregnant anymore. This is a ring that I don't think you can resize, so either go down now or take it back and rebuy later when youre not pregnant and are more sure about size.


Jan 10, 2013
I would suggest going with a snug fit for now, and if your fingers get more swollen then don't wear it until the baby is born and you go back to your normal size. After so many years in jewelry business I've seen women lose their rings because they were not the right size. But definitely while pregnant make sure to watch for swelling, don't let it get to a point where the rings need to be cut off . Go with snug bug not too tight.


love porcupine tree
Jan 6, 2010
i have this exact ring and i bought my normal size, haven't had any issues


Dec 4, 2008
Blossy said:

Pregnancy does weird things, I'd wait.

And i would even say to wait til your baby is at least 3-6 months old. Your body is in flux for awhile.


Jan 5, 2013
Yes just wait until a few months after baby. Congrats on your little one!!!! My daughter is 4 months old and the greatest joy! God bless!