Tiffany Elsa Peretti gold open heart

  1. I am thinking of getting the earrings (studs) and the necklace, does anyone have pictures of the earring being worn? Doesn't matter if they are silver, would just like to get an idea of the size, also, what size necklace? Medium or Large? Also, on the US and the UK site the medium is on twice at two different prices, which is confusing as I can't see any difference! Anyway any modelling pics of that would be fabbo too! :smile:
  2. Anyone?
  3. I have the small gold heart earrings but since I am in college I do not have them with me for a picture. They do not hang off the bottom of my ear though so they are pretty small.
    Sorry that is the best that I can help you!
  4. i have the open hearts necklace and earrings in silver. and i loveeee them!
  5. I think the price difference is in the length of the silver chain

    If I recall correctly, the higher price is for the 18" chain and the lower price is for the 16"

    the size (med or large) really depends on your preference, I have the small and the large

    the small's more feminine and classy while the large one looks more fun and trendy IMO

    hope this helps;)
  6. Thank you!