Tiffany E-ring Upgrade/HCA vs Triple Excellent - Decisions, decisions!

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  1. that's perfect and congarts on your ring. the diamond does look amazing.
  2. It. Looks. Perfect. I am so glad that one was the winner, and that it was worth the wait! Congrats on your upgrade!
  3. Outstanding! Congrats, it looks perfect and is perfect on your finger. Can you share the specs please?
  4. It looks perfect! Congratulations!
  5. Thanks Cung, I do really love it!
  6. Definitely worth the wait, so happy with it :smile:
  7. Thank you! The specs are 1.39 H vs2 - you can find all the specs in the first post (says 1.38 but that was a typo)!
  8. Thanks so much!
  9. Congrats!! Finally the wait is over! :smile:
  10. Congratulations on your beautiful upgrade! It's gorgeous and perfect on your finger.
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Yes finally, thanks!!
  13. Thank you I do love it and it sparkles like crazy!! It's going to take some getting used to as it feels so different than my original ring! :smile:
  14. Thanks, I'm glad I finally found my ring as you did!! :smile:
  15. Gorgeous ring! Thanks for sharing your journey. Do you have more pics?