Tiffany E-ring Upgrade/HCA vs Triple Excellent - Decisions, decisions!

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  1. Hey!
    I was on the search for the same ring at Tiffany's a year or so ago and armed with all of this info! It really wasn't that long of a wait or that hard. A good Tiffany's SA should be able to pull a bunch of available rings and their certificates up for you and then you can decide which one to ship over to you for inspection. I found about 4-5 triple excellent (Tiffany's) rings in my G/VS2 range but one of them just SANG when it came to the "scores"... not the biggest one but a definite winner! Even Ame loved the numbers! ;) Just be patient... I would say try not to get toooooo worked up about the scores but they are really helpful! My ring just blows my hair back every time I take it out into the sunshine (when it's clean that is! LOL)... it actually hurt my eyes the other day! LOL.

    Many Tiffany's SA's are educated about diamonds, many are not. Mine wouldn't have volunteered more than the "triple x" but when she realized I wanted the certificates she had no problem giving me print outs of the stats to take home.

    Oh and after looking at a ton of Tiffany's vs2 rings I can say they do look totally eye clean to me generally speaking (and that's a big stone too, I wanted 2 carats so there's a lot of "looking glass" on that style of ring!). For the classic setting, as you know (as opposed to say the soleste, which I think is more forgiving in that you can't really see the sides of the stone in that setting), you do want eye clean. I'm very colour sensitive and personally set my "mind clean" bottom at G/H... but I have to tell you the runner up to my ring was an I and it was STUNNING. Unless you held it up to an F or higher it totally looked white and sparkly to me! You can't go wrong with an I or better. I have to say, while their "excellent" grading system may be a bit "generous", I DO find their colour grades are very stringent and have found my G to be closer to an E/F in most other diamonds I've bothered to hold it up to. :smile: The I has some warmth to it but it is GORGEOUS. It was a tough call but for me the scores sold me on my G/VS2.

    You're on the right track! Just wait for that perfect one, they are making this ring every day at Tiffany's and mine came right from the studio or whatever they call the place where they set new stones!

    ps I just had a soleste pendant in white diamond brought over from the UK even!! (the white is very rare in the US/Canada for some reason!) You can have them launch an international search if you want!

    Good luck!!!!
  2. Thanks! I will try to post some more this weekend!! :smile:
  3. Thanks for your note Surfergirl! After 2 months of searching I did finally find my ring a couple days ago and it came all the way from Macau! The two sa's I worked with were amazing and also accommodated my very detailed questions and concerns. I had a few brought in but ultimately the one I chose was the one for me! I also debated between h and I vs1 and vs2 but ultimately stuck with h ( the colour on my original ering) and went with vs2. Honestly I couldn't spot any colour comparing to a g, could just be me though) although I could tell warmth in the I. It faces up completely white to me and Takes my breath away every time I look at it - had an hca of 1.2 which was a bonus too . My husband keeps catching me glimpsing at it, I know he loves it too. It was a process we went through together and the upgrade is for an early 10 yr anniversary promise so it has a lot of meaning. It was a lot of fun learning about diamonds actually and now I get to enjoy it :smile:
  4. I did love the numbers on that, hurting your eyes in the sun is a good thing ;) But for the love of pete, keep it clean!!! :biggrin:

    I am so glad you are thrilled!!!
  5. LOL Ame I thought of you the other day as I was GARDENING in my ring... I looked down and there was potter's dirt all over it and I actually thought OMG Ame would freak out if she saw me doing this!!! LOL!! I'm so bad I know... with three kids I almost never get to really clean it properly but when I do I am SO HAPPY!
  6. OMG it's sooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  7. *dies* not just the dirt, but the...what about the...the...the whacking on things!?
  8. Haha ame, you are so funny. But seriously, surfergirljen, you wore yours doing gardening? It's too risky
  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

    Here are a few more photos, although it is very difficult to capture in a picture the beauty of a diamond! I also need to have my ring sized but wasn't ready to part with it for another two weeks just yet after such a long wait!

    The last pic shows a couple bracelets that I received as gifts from the SA's during the upgrade - one for each of my little girls..although why not enjoy them first while my daughters grow into them! Thanks again for all the help and support during this process =)

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  10. Gorgeous! And it's so sparkly in the last picture! Can you tell me what finger size you are? The ring looks so perfect for your finger :smile:
  11. Oh and love the bracelet stack!
  12. Thank you Kissmark!

    Sure, I'm a size 5 ring figure. Honestly, the ring looks larger and is way more sparkly in person. I can't take a good enough picture! I can't stop looking at it and it blinds me every time, so happy =) I love the bracelets as well - was a fun day picking out bracelets and finding my ring.
  13. You made the right choice by waiting. It is stunning and I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it more and more each day. :smile:
  14. Thanks Dany =)
  15. The ring looks absolutely beautiful on you!!! Nice choice!! :smile: