Tiffany decision

  1. So I received a T&C gift card of $106 (hehe tax at the time was 6%) and since I received it to now, I never really found anything I liked but it's been sitting in my trunk for the past 2years, so I think, let me use it!

    Alas, there are two items I like.

    The first one, the apple tag necklace $135

    I like this one because I figure I can always get it engraved with my initials on one side and/or perhaps gets my graduation date on their since im graduating in '09 with my education degree (get it apple lol)


    The second one, bead bracelet $150

    I have a tahitian pearl bracelet that resembles this really, that's what draws me to it lol.

    So opinions please :smile:

  2. I vote for the bead bracelet
  3. Bracelet!
  4. I love the bead bracelet
  5. I have the bead bracelet and love it - but as a teacher, I really, really love that necklace too :love:
  6. the apple is cute... especially if you're gonna be a teacher. it might end-up being more meaningful to you, that the bracelet.
  7. I have the bead bracelet (and the matching earrings and necklace) and I wear it almost daily! I love it and it looks great dressed up or with jeans & a t-shirt!
  8. I love that bead bracelet. I'm working my way to the complete set, but I only have the earrings so far. Go for the bracelet!
  9. I love the bracelet. One of my friends has the same one and she wears it everyday. I've always admired it! :girlsigh:
  10. Love the bead bracelet!
  11. I like the bracelet
  12. Bead bracelet!
  13. I like the bracelet but the apple would be cute for a teacher.
  14. the apple looks very classy but i'd go for the bead bracelet. imo the bead bracelet looks more fun and catchy
  15. i like the idea of an apple for the new teacher. i think it will mean more to you than the bracelet.