Tiffany & Co....

  1. I don't ever like to return items...but my BF got a Tiffany necklace for me for my bday..I tried it on twice and it just doesn't suit me well. There is nothing else in the store I want to exchange with either. Dear BF said I can return it and get something from the jeweler of my choice.

    Here is the prob.

    I have the item and original receipt, but it was bought on my BF's cc and he is not in town for another month.

    How's the return policy at Tiffany? Are they as easy as Nordstrom? or... will I HAVE to have bf's cc present .... I just want the money put on my card and be over with... hmm... anyone with experience with this? h.e.l.p.~
  2. Call T&CO tell them the situation....they may even be able to help you find something that you like....or at least they will be aware of the time frame you are under and will grant you a full refund when your BF returns. If not they will probably only give you store credit. Can your BF call and be on the phone while you do the exchange? They also sell plates, vases, etc if you are into though you need some bling from you man you actually like!
  3. If you have the receipt your bf does not need to be there :smile:
  4. This is an old thread!!!
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