Tickled PINK!! Come share my joy *pics*

  1. I SWORE I was on a purse ban.
    Damn you Chanel Forum...you do nothing but fuel a bad, BAAAAD addiction!!
    I don't know if the whole "I'm depressed because I'm turning 35" thing is going to cut it anymore with poor PFF :roflmfao:

    Admittedly though, this would brighten anyone's day :love: I'm a sucker for anything pink.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    NOW I'm on a ban. I SWEAR. I AM. REALLY.
  2. Gorgeous purse! I'm a pink addict too, I know how you feel!
  3. Ohhh, I love it!! :heart: I'm a pink girl myself, and this color is perfect for summer (I have a pink bowler in this shade)!! Congratulations on a gorgeous find!! :smile:
  4. oh that's beautiful!!!
  5. OH MY! Stratsey - that is gorgeous!! I'm a HUGE sucker for pink too! :heart:

    This is absolutely lovely! :love: Thanks for sharing! This sure brightened up my day. :yes:
  6. Sooo pretty! :love:

  7. OH my ...That is SOOOOO Goregeous!Perfect for the Spring/Summer! I love it ...I love Chanel in Pink...it just screams CHANEL!!!
  8. ahhh its so pretty! i love pink !! if you do not mind, how much is it retail???
  9. So.Gorgeous. :drool:
  10. What a perfectly pink pick-me-up!! ;) Congratulations sratsey!!! :yahoo:

    PS - what's a PFF?? :shame:
  11. love it
  12. Cute!
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Yummy! It's like decadent cotton candy!!!:drool:
  15. WOW! I love the pink, its the perfect shade. The bag is gorgeous! Congrats!