Thyroid Question for dogs

  1. Hi, My English setter has just been diagnosed with a Thyroid problem, hes been ill for a little while now and has put of quite a bit of weigh because of this. He has been on tablets since Thursday, I wondered if anyone on here has this problem with their dogs and how long it took for your dog once on the tablets to get back to his "normal" self or if they do get back to their normal self. e.g not sleeping all the time but running about, also if they put on weight how soon did they start to lose it.
  2. I have an 11 yr old Weim and she has been on thyroid meds for almost a year now. They were an immediate improvement!!! She went from sleeping 23 hours a day to about 20 hours, LOL

    But it all depends on your pups thyroid level and it can sometimes take a while to get the right dose.

    Good luck!!
  3. My Shiba is always on his thyroid have to take them regurarly to get their levels checked.My dog goes up and down.when he gets the higher dose..he sometimes throws up.make sure you give them their pills styretched out,not all at once.Mine chews holes in his skin..its so sad!
  4. Hi, Saich--sorry to hear your setter isn't feeling well. Every boxer dog we've owned had a low thyroid, and needed pills for the rest of their lives. they weren't ill, though. The symptoms were some weight gain (more with the females) and thinning hair or nearly bald patches on their sides. It took maybe 2-3 weeks for the energy to improve. The hair growing back took a couple months. The males seemed to do better at stabilizing their weight. All this might depend on how low the dog's thyroid is--mild or severe.

    Good luck with your dog!
  5. Darceys level is really low, hes on 2 tables in the morning a day. I think he is moving around a bit better, but not a lot. He had no hair lose. This has come on in the last 2 months but I am wondering if he had it before then, I read up on it and it said can have dark patches on skin and Darcey has had that for a long while. I thank you all for the information in all my years of having dogs never had one with a Thyroid probelm before.
  6. My chihuahua/pug mix is on Thyroid meds; her fur grew back and her energy returned almost immediately. Once her energy came back she lost the extra weight she put on.
  7. That is good news, yes I think once he lost some weight that would greatly help. His eyes do seem brighter today
  8. Saich2 - I hope your setter feels better soon. My sister has a cat on thyroid medicine and it has made a huge difference in her.
  9. Since yesterday Darcey has done a bit of a turn around, I started to see my old Darcey again, playing a bit and barking it was so good to see. I am hoping that this is the start of him getting better.

    Thank you for your surport and letting me know about your animals, when its a new illness you have not come across before you are somewhat in the dark, you can read all up on it but its good to speak to people that have been through it. Thank you again
  10. Hi Saich2! So Darcey is hypothyroid. Opposite of what cats have, which is hyperthyroidism. By the way, hyperthyroidism treated with pills will not control the tumor growth, so dlg, your sister might want to consider doing the radioactive iodine treatment sooner than later. Anyway, like other's said, your vet probably asked you to bring him in to recheck is thyroid levels to see if he needs to adjust his meds. And even if he doesn't, it is a good idea for Darcey to get a check-up every 6 months. Darcey will have to take the pills everyday for the rest of his life, but other than that, I hope he gets back to his 'normal' self! You are a great mommy for him!!!
  11. Thanks tiramisu, Darcey is getting better each day, he goes for a check-up tomorrow Thursday, then I think they do a blood check every 6 months, like you said. As long as he is happy that is what I care about, and these tablets are helping that.
  12. I couldn't resist asking how Darcey is doing (since we share the same name!!)??

    It was soo awesome to see Lexi turn around after she first started taking the meds!
  13. You are so sweet to ask. Darcey is playing more and more everyday, hes back to chasing squirrels over the park his favourite game. I think as soon as the weight starts to come of he will be even better.

    Again thank you for asking I am glad Lexi is also OK
  14. I'm so glad to hear that!!

    I had no idea why Lexi was soo lethargic until she was diagnosed, and then it was an amazing turn around to see her actually *play* again.