Thumbs up or down on patchwork item?

Wild Orchid

Feb 23, 2007
Okay, big debate has been going on between hubby and I on a particular item. The patchwork denim pouchy in the blue. I love the inside print as I think it's more darling than the black version and I just think it's a really cute bag. He, on the other hand, feels that it has the same feel as the tribute cuz it has that pieced together look. Usually I accept his advice but I just keep thinking about it. I saw it and thought it was adorable. He thinks for the price I could get something better.

What does everyone think? Do you like it/enable me to get it or despise it/say forget it?

suzie w

Jan 14, 2006
i know what u mean..... my DH doesnt like the patchwork. but i love them. i mean lvoe them. and i lvoe using them too. at least for the summer! get what u want! he doesnt use the bag anyway! :smile:
Sep 24, 2006
At first I didn't even like the patchwork bags at all. Looked too messy from the pictures. But when I saw the gray speedy IRL, I was drooling over it! I love the way it looks on the outside AND the inside! I say, if you love it, go for it! Your DH may even eventually change his mind.