Thumbs up or down on patchwork item?

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  1. Okay, big debate has been going on between hubby and I on a particular item. The patchwork denim pouchy in the blue. I love the inside print as I think it's more darling than the black version and I just think it's a really cute bag. He, on the other hand, feels that it has the same feel as the tribute cuz it has that pieced together look. Usually I accept his advice but I just keep thinking about it. I saw it and thought it was adorable. He thinks for the price I could get something better.

    What does everyone think? Do you like it/enable me to get it or despise it/say forget it?
  2. I actually really like this line. I especially like the Pouchy, speedy and posty.
  3. Not my bag baby! But seriously, I'm not a big fan of the patchwork. But if you like it, there's more of a reason to rock it.
  4. I'm not a fan of the Patchwork anything, actually.
    But if you like it, get the one you like.
  5. i know what u mean..... my DH doesnt like the patchwork. but i love them. i mean lvoe them. and i lvoe using them too. at least for the summer! get what u want! he doesnt use the bag anyway! :smile:
  6. At first I didn't even like the patchwork bags at all. Looked too messy from the pictures. But when I saw the gray speedy IRL, I was drooling over it! I love the way it looks on the outside AND the inside! I say, if you love it, go for it! Your DH may even eventually change his mind.
  7. They're not for me personally but I think they look ok. If you love it - go for it!:nuts:
    My DH doesn't always like my bags either but this does not bother me.
  8. :tdown: from me. But if you like it then why now, who cares what others think. You are the one wearing the bag and not them.
  9. :tup:

    It's a great and unique collection! I hope you get a bag from this line!
  10. If you love it, go for it. I don't love it personally but there are lots of things I like that other people don't!
  11. I'm not crazy about the Patchwork bags. But if you love it then go for it!
  12. Get only if you love it! Not like your dh is rocking it.
  13. I actually find myself being anti-patchwork- I guess I just really dislike this line.
  14. patchwork's not really for me!! i prefer regular denim line :smile:
  15. :Plove the pouchy!!! :tup: