Three paddies to choose from, help!!

  1. Would you go for chocolate, whiskey or grenat?
    i have a bleu nuit and a jaune, which would you go for? i wear the bleu nuit mostly so would like something different for winter which will go with black or brown boots, is chocolate maybe a bit safe? although i love it and i recently sold my '05 chocolate and miss her:sad:
  2. Hmm... all are gorgeous options for winter so it's hard to say:shrugs:

    Grenat and whiskey are both tdf colours but so is chocolate.... ok I'm voting for chocolate as it would work perfectly with brown and black, and as you have the blue nuit you allready have a colourful bag that pops nicely, and maybe jaune and whiskey might work with same outfits so yes, my vote goes for chocolate :yes:
  3. I adore the grenat - the leather always seems to be ultra smooshy and delicious... I think the whiskey goes with pretty much everything, but, likr th chocolat, it's a safe choice.

    I would go for the grenat - if you own a bleu nuit and a jaune, you obviously love bright colours and aren't afraid to carry an eye-catching bag. I think the both the bleu nuit and the jaune would look great with brown boots, so you need a TDF red for your black outfits!
  4. I vote grenat. It goes with black or brown.
  5. I leaning towards Grenat, it's sooo lovely
  6. Grenat.
  7. All are lovely colors...but grenat is stunning!
  8. I think it's a great choice!
    I love grenat, as well as whiskey. :yes:
  9. I love grenat! It's a gorgeous eye-catching color which will surely stand out and grab attention.
    The whiskey and chocolate are beautiful too; you really can't go wrong, but they are "safe" colors
    The grenat is less common, there are so many whiskey and chocolate colored bags out there, but the grenat is a gem!
  10. Grenat! or chocolate!
  11. What year is the Choco???

    If it's an 06, then I say go for that :tup:
  12. It's an '05 choco, the grenay is gonna cost me aroung £200 more but what the hell right! right girls (back me up here) lol...
  13. I just got my Grenat, and it's TDF! So, grenat!
  14. I vote Choclate...don't care for whisky at all, but Love a dark brown!!!
  15. :heart: Choco