Three new bags reveal

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  1. Right girls I need to come clean. Three new bags have joined the family recently and there is a fourth on the way. Its official . I,M ADDICTED.:nuts:
    Pictures are on the way.
  2. Oh my goodness - all these new bags!

    cmaec, you already have a gorgeous collection and are you trying to tell me that you've only just realised that you have a Mulberry addiction? hahaha I think you're a bit late with that realisation!
  3. I agree Ali, i've just looked at the collection list and its huge.

    So, what have you bought?

    I am seriously struggling on my caravan hol not being able to buy or look at mulberries!!
  4. Well al I can say is - Crikey!

    It does sound like you may have a teensy tiney addiction.

    Also, what's on the way?
  5. Right here is the first one. I love this one.:yahoo:My DD is doing the modelling pics in her PJ's

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  6. Now for number two. Birthday present from DH.

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  7. And finally number three.
  8. Will try again for number three
  9. The final reveal.

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    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    Wow, Mabel - Joelle - Shimmy all together? Are you running Mulberry shop!?

    Congrats, what a great conbination - looks lovely on you. :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. WOW!!

    Congrats on your new additions!!! Iam :drool::drool::drool: over that mabel!
  12. Hi Ratrat. the shimmy was a birthday pressy from DH. The joelle was From my family for my birthday and The mabel I bought myself.
    There is no way I could get three new bags otherwise.
  13. Hi Sterre she is soft tumbled leather and soooooooo soft. I got her for a great price in HoF. She was originally €999 and was down to €480 and I got an extra 10% off that(secret sale with HoF card) so she cost me €432.
  14. OMG!!!
    What is the colour? I'm soooooo jealous:drool:;)
  15. She's silver.