Thread about Hermes Bags Past

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  1. Well, I did a search to see if this has been discussed, :greengrin:and didn't find anything, so I would like to ask:

    Do you still have your first Hermes bag, and if so, what is it? Would you ever part with it?
    What H bags have you sold/parted with, and why?
    Any regrets?

    Looking forward to seeing the replies-- it is fascinating how people's preferences and collections change over time!
  2. Well my first H bag was a barenia picotin, I wanted to obtain this leather by any means necessary :drool: I got it and liked it, I just didnt use it much, maybe twice, its now with a lovely person, living happily and getting fresh air instead of being stuck in a dust bag.
  3. Since I only have one (so far) I can't even IMAGINE parting with an H bag! LOL!
  4. My first was a black epsom Paris-Bombay, but I have sold it since then through a reseller. I only have a handful of H bags now, but I love them =)