thoughts, opinions!?!

  1. :dothewave:Coach Official Site - SLIM CARLY SIGNATURE
    i just got this bag at the pce...i LOVE the design of the new, slim carly! the slouch is amazing and it's just the right size...the small carly always looked awkward on me and this one just feels perfect...i was wondering what everyone else thought about this bag!
    happy new year to all!
  2. Yay, I am so glad you found a great bag! Carlys do not work for me overall, but I do generally prefer a slimmer bag, so I can see the appeal of a Slim Carly. Congratulations!
  3. congrats! :tup: I think it's cute, it's not for me. I prefer the regular Carly and tried on the slim and the patent strap makes it slip off my shoulder.. ALL the time. I am so glad it works for you though and that you love it!! Post modeling pics!!!! :tup:
  4. congrat's on the new bag.. Enjoy her !
  5. I really like the bag in the blue color , I have not seen it in real life but I like the idea of a smaller version of the bag
  6. I have it in Blue- have not used it yet but I love the way it slouches and the longer drop than the medium Carly. I also like the slimmer look of it. The Leather ones do not have patent leather underneath the strap and mine does not slip at all.
  7. I'm not a Carly fan but if I was...I would be all over the slim Carly. Great choice! I also love slim bags in general...:yes:
  8. yeah, there was just something about this carly in particular...i think it's because of the slouchiness, the mix of the patent leather with the "regular" leather, and the hardware...i'm not usually a fan of logos either, so i REALLY went out of my comfort zone for this bag!!!!
  9. I like it a lot, it is a great bag! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Congratulations on your new bag. You will love using it! The carly is my fav bag!