Thoughts on Totally MM Azur?!?

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? I have 4 in the Mono aNd was lookin for a lil change! I wish this was made in the ebene! let me kno ur thoughts!! Thanx :biggrin:
  2. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the Totally. I just don't like the pockets, which are probably what you like about it. I don't own the bag, though, so I'm just going based off the look.
  3. Thanx Soph!! I appreciate ur opinion!! =) Do U like the azur though??
  4. I really like the Totally, I think it's a perfect everyday bag and I like it for toting lots of stuff around, it's easy to organize. I like both the mono and the azur, I think an azur totally would be great for the upcoming spring/summer season! I'm not a big NF fan, I prefer the Totally, I really like the zip top. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I like the totally azur! I have all mono and am thinking something azur will be my next.. Totally azur is very pretty :heart:
  6. Like it but don't love it. I love the galliera
  7. I have the Mono Totally MM and I love it as an every day bag, it's very functional. However, IMO, I don't like the Azur because I think it makes it look like a diaper bag.
  8. Love it.
  9. I have the azur totally and I love it so much, keep all my stuff organized and also received a lot of compliments:smile:
  10. I have this bag it is my casual summer bag. I will wear the new visor with it.
  11. I prefer the Totally over the Neverfull. I think it's sleeker and more functional than the other bag.
  12. I have this bag and LOVE it! The totally is a great bag, one of the best most functional LV bags IMO. I have the Mezzo, used it and love it. The mezzo was my work horse bag. It could carry everything comfy and just looked great and understated. The totally is an updated version. The pockets are great for keys or cell phone. the zipper is wonderful. The straps are comfy. And the azur is a great pattern. My ONLY complaint......I don't have it in MONO and they don't make it in damier....yet!!! But I am going to get the mono one! And if they ever make it in damier....well I will get it too!!!!

    Really this is a great bag!!! check out the clubhouse and see all the great Totally pictures!!!
  13. normally I really don't like the totally, actually I find it pretty ugly. . . but not on azur:biggrin: the bag seams softer and is just a wonderfull summer bag
  14. personally I don't like the Totally bag. It reminds me of a diaper bag. I prefer the Neverful.
  15. Thanx to you all on Ur opinions!! Really appreciate!! I think the Totally Azur will be my next And first Azur BaG!!! ExCiTeD