Thoughts on the Twiggy compared to the City

  1. Hello everyone. I just received my first ever Bbag, an Ivorie City and I've totally fallen in love, unfortunately I can't use it until Christmas because it's a gift from my parents, but I'm already thinking about getting another bag as a little gift to myself :graucho:. I'm normally a LV girl but after experiencing the soft buttery leather on my city I think I'll be taking a break from LV for a while!

    Anyway, on to my questions.....

    How is the twiggy compared to the city? I'm surprised how small the city is, I even checked the tag over and over to make sure it was a city and not a first. I expected it to be a lot bigger after seeing it in pictures with forum members and celebrity....but I am very tall (6'0") and not on the small side, so I'm guessing against me it is smaller looking.

    Anyway, I'm so in love with my bag that I now want another and I've been eying the twiggy in Noir but I worry about the size. I know it's longer then the city, but my main concern is the length of the of the shoulder strap being too short. Does anyone have a picture comparing the two side by side, or even wearing the two? I'd really appreciate it!!!

    Thanks :tup:
  2. If you think City is too small and you are tall, you may consider having a Part Time instead of a Twiggy. If you don't mind carrying a bag without a shoulder strap, Work would be a good choise too since it is much bigger but has no shoulder strap.

    I personally love Twiggy, but I am much shorter than you. Part Time's shoulder strap is longer than Twiggy's or City's. I think that would be a good choice for you.
  3. I was also going to suggest the Part Time. I am a Twiggy lover as well but am also only 5'1, so that style really works for me.
  4. I would def. not suggest the Twiggy if you think the City is too small for you.
  5. With your height the Work would look fantastic!
  6. ^^ 2nd that. The work would go well with your proportions, I love the work too but am just under 5ft 7. Your height would carry it really well. The only thing is that it has no shoulder strap so its hand held or on the shoulder only.
  7. if you find the city too small, then like like the 2 PFers above, i suggest the work! its a great size... esp for your height! good luck! and welcome to the dark side!
  8. I think the idea of a Part-Time is perfect; in in the sense that it has the look of a twiggy (longer than it is tall) and you have the option of using the handles or the shoulder strap. So if you like the "look" of the twiggy, but feel it's too small, I think the PT might be what you're looking for!
  9. I too, felt the City was smaller than I expected it to be, from pics I had seen. The twiggy, though, in my experience, was actually bigger than I expected it to be from pics. It's shorter than the city but a bit wider - personally it's my favorite. Since you're tall (lucky!), Twiggy would be a good option as a handbag (like the First is for us shorter types), but if you want to put more stuff in it, the Work or PT would prob be better...Good Luck! It's taken me many bags to figure out which size works best for my stature and my lifestyle :tup:
  10. oh, and about shoulder strap length - I can't say for sure since I don't have both right now, but I think I recall the city strap felt just a teeny bit shorter? but not significantly, really. anyone else feel the same way?
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies.

    It's not so much that I feel the City is too small, I was just surprised how much smaller it was in person then in pictures. I expected it to be bigger, but I actually really love the size. On me I feel it's not too big, and not too small.

    I was thinking about getting the twiggy mainly because I'm interested in a black bbag and I can get the twiggy for a great price, but I wouldn't want a bag too much smaller or too much bigger then the city. From pictures it looks like the twiggy is shorter, but wider then the city, but I worry mostly about the length of the shoulder strap. Does anyone have a picture comparing the two side by side?

  12. ^ You've got BJORK! as your avatar...I LOVE HER!!! The Twiggy and City bags have the same length strap, about 24.5" long. Anyways, here's me modeling a Calcaire City and Calcaire Twiggy bag:


  13. Thank you SOOO much for the picture RealDealCollection. Both of your bags are beautiful. I love the color!! I think you may have sold me on the Noir twiggy!

    Oh, by the way, I love Bjork too, she's probably my favorite female singer! :tup:
  14. I feel the exact same way! When I first got my City, it was much smaller than I expected. I just bought a Twiggy, but I was worried that it would be too small for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much bigger than I'd expected! I am completely in love with the Twiggy style, and it looks great in black!
  15. sounds like you've already decided on the twiggy. post pictures when you get it! although personally i'm 5'9 and think the work/pt works much better on me than the city. but if you like the twiggy, go for it!! :smile: