Thoughts on the new twist belt chain wallet?

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  1. Just saw this on LV's website as a prelaunch item. I'm very tempted to add it to cart but as I look at it closer, it reminds me too much of my pochette felicie. It's $1,770 USD so cheaper than the Chanel WOC and I think slightly bigger too.


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  2. I’m in love with my Twist wallet so part of me wants to jump onto this but I soooo dislike chain-straps that I’ll pass.

    otherwise I like it, although I’d never use it as a belt bag.
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  3. I would save another $200 and get the WOC they already make. Unless you are looking for a belt bag? I think is a bit nicer than the felicie, and definitely a deal compared to a Chanel WOC.
  4. I was looking at this... but in the description it doesn’t say it comes with the belt... part belt bag with no belt? Odd... and I would wear it all the various ways including as a belt bag if it came with one.
  5. I saw it in person and although I adore the Twist bags and Slgs I too have a Felicie and after trying it on, felt it was too similar to the Felicie also as i wouldn't ever use this Twist WOC as a bumbag didn't add it to my wishlist. It is really lovely though :smile:
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  6. Not looking for a belt bag, I just have a soft spot for pink bags lol.
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  7. I was wondering the same thing about the belt! I couldn't figure out if it's supposed to be worn with our own belt or is the chain strap the belt (which would be a weird design).
  8. I love this color too. I’ve thought about the WOC more than a few times!!
  9. They even show it worn as a belt but doesn’t specify if the belt is included? Definitely unclear.