Thoughts on the Charlie with Rivets in oxblood?

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  1. I ordered this from Macy's at 40 percent off. I love the oxblood with the brass colored rivets but I don't like the feel of the leather on this bag. I love the size and function of this style too. To keep or not to keep, that is the question............
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  2. I have the page 27 in oxblood rivets and the brass with the oxblood color is just so warm and rich. This is a 1941 bag so the leather is divine. I also have a Charlie in Dark Berry, since it’s a non-1941 bag the leather is a lower quality but for this style I think the stiffer leather will help the bag to keep its structured shape so I’m ok with it. I own 2 Charlie bags, I love the style and it is the PERFECT work bag for me!

    I recently returned a Clarkson bag in the Cadet color because the leather was stiff and plastic-y and didn’t work well for the slouchy style IMO. Like you it just didn’t feel nice to me. I probably won’t purchase any slouchy style bags with the regular line leather but if the bag is structured I think it can work for my preferences. HTH!
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  4. I agree that the stiffer leather is better for the Charlie to keep its shape. It is a lovely bag in the oxblood with rivets @Wendyann7 but you have to love it.
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  5. Thank you for your response! I love the style, function and the color combo and will have to adjust that it’s not the same leather as my 1941 bags. I agree that the style of Charlie needs the stiffer leather. Thanks for solidifying my decision to keep it!
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  6. I hope you end up loving it! I have a few items with that style of rivets, I just love how simple and chic they look
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