Thoughts on Massai?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Although my next H planned purchase is a GM Picotin, when I tried it at the boutique I just couldn't get comfortable with it as a shoulder bag due to the wide base and my short arms, despite my love for the bag. I'm rethinking this purchase as I would really like to carry it on the shoulder.

    I've been looking at the Massai photos, and am wondering if a Massai PM might be a better alternative due to its narrower shape. I always thought it looked smashing on thinner women, and am concerned I can't carry it off. I'm 5'3, with ample boobs and behind, but then again, maybe it would be slenderizing?

    So, to those who are familiar with the Massai, what are your thoughts? Do you find the bag easy to carry? What is the general price? I've never seen one in my local H boutiques, and I'm wondering if it's a hard to find bag. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I just bought one for my grandaughter's 18th birthday gift. I will look through my receipts for the price but purchased it in Neiman's, Troy, Mich. She's going to NYU in the fall and I know she needs a closed bag (hope she zips it up).
  3. I brought one home...but sent it back. I like the way it looks on other people. On was too short to be long...and too long to be short.
  4. I just purchased one and it retails around $3000. They are fairly easy to find. I think that the long line of the bag is slenderizing. Sady I do not have ample boobs :smile: so I can't really comment there!
    I've heard that people find it hard to get in and out of but I didn't feel like it would be a problem at all.
  5. What a great Grandma! I'm sure several of us PF's would love to be

    I've been doing most of my H shopping lately through the Troy Neiman's...Japster "introduced" me to Lisa, who has been fantastic....did you see any other Massai when you were in the store?
  6. Japster gave me Liza's name as well. I bought a red one and it is was a pebbled leather, I can't remember which leather. It's in Rouge Vif and gorgeous. I looked it up on the statement and it was about $3,000. without tax. I love this bag. I think they are fairly easy to obtain. There are stores that will sell over the phone as well.
    I bought her two sisters small Picotins. One is Etoupe with Rose Shocking (gorgeous) inside the handles and the other is Ebene with BJ inside handles. I bought these in Mitchell's in Conn. by phone. I bought a Bolide Ostrich there. I'm corrupting them to join the Hermes addiction. I kept the Barenia Picotin for myself.
    Neimans is waiting for new stock, don't think they have much left now. I think all will be supplied after the price increase. You know there are lovely SA in Neiman's Washington, D.C. as well. If you have a problem send me a pm.
  7. I love love the Massai. I have the PM; I have yet to use the longer strap and I really like how it fits on my shoulder and how it looks on the side. I do, however, see how the balancing out may not work depending on height (esp the GM). I am just under 5'8" and like to carry my bags on my shoulders.
  8. Ahhhhh! Appleringo, your Massai is the one that really got me thinking! I originally saw it on the reference page and had to do a double-take. It is gorgeous in that BJ Clemence!! I also like the look with the shorter strap.

    The proportions look perfect for have that tall, slim look I envy. Maybe I could pull off the PM if I wear heels?
  9. Is that you in your avatar? If yes, I see no reason why the Masai shouldn't work for you. Big boobs make it difficult to carry the bag messenger-style though.

    The only thing that makes me hesitate is that you mention the Picotin GM and the Masai PM in the same breath. IMO the Masai is not a big bag, you can't fit in as much as in the Picotin GM and have it still look nice. The Masai PM is a slender bag and shouldn't be overloaded. If that still works for you - go for it!
  10. I am 5 feet and am generally not curvy, and I do love my Massai. Its a great, versatile bag. That was my bag of choice on my weekend getaway the other day.
  11. It's a great bag unless you happen to have narrow shoulders...then its an uncomfortable nono
  12. I wish that was me in my avatar! It's my 10 y/o daughter...LOL. She's built like her dad! Skinny with long legs...she's actually my height now.

    I was just thinking about the Picotin GM in terms of being big enough to wear on the shoulder...I have the MM and just love the style so much I was thinking of the GM for more versatility. But in trying it, it just doesn't fit under my arm too well.
  13. Thanks! I walked into the store thinking about getting an agenda and came out with this! (I really tried hard not to look that way, but oh well) I love it, it's lightweight and very comfortable. Again, if it's not the GM, I think it should work fine. Good luck!
  14. here is me wearing the massai GM. i'm 5'5" and am 116.6lbs.

    when i first got the GM size, i was amazed & not too sure about the size. but reading that the PM doesn't fit very much (i've 2 young kids), i decided to go for the GM. i think now i'm used to the big size and am loving her.

    hope this helps:heart:
  15. Maria, yours is a fabulous bag and you wear her extremely well.