Thoughts on Manhattan PM?

  1. Curious what the general consensus is on this purse? I have loved it since I saw Uma with it :nuts: Think it's a classic piece or too trendy? Does it have lasting power?
  2. i like it.
    I think it is a classic but not like the speedy.
  3. Love it, it looks so professional !
  4. Hmm, what if I don't dress up much, can I still use the Manhattan?
  5. i actually really like that bag. might be the only LV bag i'll ever buy sometime in the future. looks great to me. i think it could be a classic.
  6. I agree, it does look very professional :amuse: I think it's a beautiful bag.
  7. by professional do you guys mean to work only? Maybe it's too dressy for casual wear?
  8. I wouldn't say it's the best LV bag to go with jeans and a T-shirt, but you could still carry it. I think the gold hardware and the shape of the bag dresses it up a bit.
  9. I love that bag
  10. i agree. it's a beautiful bag. it does look professional but i think you can still wear it with jeans, just not a regular t-shirt. i've seen women wear it with jeans and a cute blouse or collared shirt.
  11. I love it, its definatly on my list of LV's i'd like to buy one day, its a really beautiful design.
  12. I think it's going to be too fancy for me then, thanks everyone!!
  13. I like it but IMO IRL I think the GM looks better.
  14. I love the PM better than the GM. It's a beautiful bag :love:
  15. I definitely think you can wear it with jeans. Go for it!