Thoughts on FAKES?!

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  1. Here are mine and frozenluxury's thoughts on fakes! ENJOY! :smile:

  2. Thanks for posting jayd23! Love the video :love:
  3. I totally agree with them, yet their thought regarding LVJapan on ebay. Super fakes are from China not from Japan!
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  4. Thanks for the laugh :lol:. I love these guys, and agree with Mimi there on their comment on the re-sellers from Japan.
  5. I am really resonating with this.
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  6. Really funny video! I totally agree. It's just sad that reviews on fakes are even a thing :sad:
    However, the Ebay sellers from Japan are not all bad apples! :smile:
  7. Great video, I love the Men on Bags series. I'm curious how you would know a bag is a fake from afar.
  8. One of my first purchases was a Porte-Documents Voyage PM and what sold me was your video 8 months ago doc, haha.
  9. I hate fakes. As for designer inspired, why should you make money off of someone else's design? If you can't design something unique yourself, then you shouldn't be in that industry.
  10. Fakes just feel like cheating. While back home in England, I was in this gift shop and she spotted these bags - imitation Mulberry Bayswater that would perhaps last a couple of months with the messy sealant on the edges. A week later, I didn't have to get close to one girl to see she was carrying a fake LV speedy because of the plastic zip. Why?! Even my husband enables my bag habit by choosing quality craftsmanship over shoddy design.
    I'm also over the copycats in fast fashion stores - copies of Hermes Birkin and Celine Phantom - the latter just makes the design so oversaturated.
  11. I try not to think about why would someone want to carry a fake. If you can make a bag that resembles Bottega with genuine leather without the price tag, why not. Heck, if I could afford any price point of a bag without having to save for years, then I would be carrying them. Otherwise, will just have to settle for genuine leather bags that make me drool. I will not put down a particular designer or anyone for what they carry. But fakes, NO, not for me.