Thoughts on Cambon Bowler?

  1. So I am thinking about selling one of my cambon pochettes & buying a bowler instead, except that I remember the bowler to be a little boxy & looking kind of big against my petite frame. What do you all think of it? I love my pochette, but I can't even fit my large wallet in there so I think I need an upgrade & I already have 2 totes....I'd love you hear from some of you!! I know a lot of people absolutly love theirs so maybe I made a quick judgement?
  2. i love the bowler... i'm poised to buy one... i'm 5"3 and i think it's perfect. i have too much crap to fit into a pochette. (:
  3. I also think the Cambon Bowler is a perfect size. I'm 5'2" and although I probably weigh more than you due to having heavier bones and muscle, I'm still small, a size 0 in jeans. The bag in no way overwhelms my frame.
  4. I'm 5"2 and I just bought the big cambon bowler black on black 3 wks ago and it does not look big on me, actually it looks very nice. I carry it everyday and everywhere. I loved it so much that I want to purchase a mini bowler white on black for my collection to go to a party or something, but the big one for everyday uses. It fits everything I have in there, wallets, paper works, cell phone, pocket pc, mp3 player, you name it and it's still pretty light. I like it alot, especially the black on black, where I can carry it everywhere.
  5. Thanks so much for all your feedback! It is soo helpful! Now I have another question...What is the difference between the large & the small? Can you carr both over your shoulder?
  6. Just to clarify, there is no large and small bowler by Chanel's description. The small is called the mini, and my regular size bowler reads "Small Tote Bag" on the tag.

    It's really light and comfy on the shoulder. Here's a pic of us.
  7. um i was wondering how much this bag retails for ?
  8. I think it's around $1300 but I may be wrong
  9. 1375
  10. Although I don't own one, I think the Cambon bowler is a very cute bag and it wouldn't bother me that it sticks out a little. I think the pochette is totally impractical for the money.
  11. i cant wait to grow up and buy whatever bag i want
  12. Yes, the Mini is $1150 and the regular bowler is 1375. The regular bowler can be a shoulder bag or a handbag, but the mini can only be a handbag. Both of them have a unique style and purpose. I'm saving my money to buy a mini one now. If I could not find a mini one in black with white cc then I will buy the black with black cc by xmas. The bowler was my 1st chanel purse and I think I made a right decision buying an expensive purse like that since I can use everyday and yet it does show its elegance.
  13. See that is what I am afraid of - it sticking out. But maybe its not as bad as I imagined it...? That picture above looks great though! I'm so confused!

    Also, is the box shape very sturdy or is it more flexible?
  14. Oh I have one more question, does anyone have a picture of someone carrying in on their shoulder but from a straight on perspective - to see how it hangs against the body from the front? That would be amazing!
  15. I found it to be a little bulky on me. You have to shift the bag behind your arm when you put it on your shoulder. Other than that its a great looking bag and does hold a lot.