Thoughts About Chain Shoulder Straps....

  1. Are they uncomfortable sitting on the shoulder for long periods of time, and they heavy? I was possibly thinking of purchasing the bag in the picture, but am hesitant because of the chain....

  2. I find that the chains are a bit uncomfortable sometimes. If your shoulder gets tired you can carry it on your arm, but sometimes that leaves marks. I tend to stay away from chain bags, unless of course they are Chanel, then I make the sacrafice!
  3. My Chanel's aren't uncomfy btu I have never worn it with a sleeveless top or a tank.. if im going sleeveless, I normally carry a clutch or handbag
  4. Some chains can be uncomfortably heavy, and that is why I stay away from them, but it really depends upon the bag. I like them better when they have leather interwoven in the links.
  5. The chain looks great but will definitely kill your should after a while. Since this is a MJ bag (which are heavy to begin with) and you have to use the chain to carry it I would pass.
  6. I think probably the reason people don't have problems with the Chanel bags, is because of their size. It's fine to have a chain strap if the bag is small so you can't stuff a whole lot into it. Therefore the weight would be reasonable.

    Judging from the size of this bag, if you're like me and are prone to overstuffing a bag to capacity and beyond, then I wouldn't go for this one because the strap would be painful very quickly.
  7. I like the chain strap bags that have the strip of leather in the middle right where it would sit on your shoulder like on this Fendi B bag.
  8. I have the betty chain satchel, and it is fine for me..although it can get heavy if I put a ton of stuff inside of it.
  9. I had a small light leather bag i had bought from Banana Republic once and it wasn't that uncomfortable, but it left marks on my shoulder in the summer when I would use it.. I would imagine a heavier bag might be uncomfortable.
  10. I have heard complaints about longer hair getting caught in chain shoulder straps so that is the reason I steer away from them.

    Though to be totally honest, if I could afford a Chanel Bubble bag, I wouldn't care how much of my hair got yanked out!
  11. i've been using my chanel coco cabas almost everyday since i got it, and it's not uncomfortable. but when i wear sleeveless sometimes my shoulders get a little bit red :p
  12. I have a black MJ stam that I absolutely love!!! I carry it as often as possible (given that the weather allows it), and I actually don't think it's heavy at all! The chain isn't particularly comfortable, but not uncomfortable either.. so it doesn't bother me:smile:
  13. ouch!
  14. Chains = Ouch...
    It cuts into your shoulder after a while.
  15. My Marc Jacobs tote has a chain strap. I love the way it looks but it is heavy. I never go sleeveless so I don't know about it rubbing. I do not take it when I am on a major shopping spree.