Thought on Heloise East West medium Satchel

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  1. Hi Does anyone have this bag? Id like to see some pics or just hear your opinions on it...:smile:
    I am getting this bag in the dark brown from BG for almost 70% off the actual price of 2000/!!!:yahoo:
    But I wanted to know if its a classic, spacious bag thatll be as iconic as the other Chloe Bags. I believe people have had issues with handles on the Heloise before. Please help and thanks in advance!!

    Here's a link:
  2. I currently own 2 Heloise, the regular bowler size in blue, and the tote with shoulder strap in Chestnut, so far, no problems - it's a great style and the leather is beautiful. It seems to be staying in Chloe's current status.
  3. the leather on the heloise style is pretty fab. I have a bowler & shoulder strap version - same as llson above. Love them both. The style has had reasonable staying power so far - and 70% off - great deal!
  4. thanks for the help! I saw both your bags- they look fabulous! This is my first chloe and am sooper excited abt it!
  5. I think it's a great bag, I love the heloise and all it's variations!

    that dark brown is a stunning colour too, congrats! :smile:
  6. Great bag! I have the tote with shoulder strap in Chestnut, too, and the leather is thick and wonderful! I just love the braided handles and so far have not had any issues.
  7. Aspiring - Did you end up getting this bag? I just ordered it this weekend and am eager to see what it looks like IRL.
  8. its a big bag -mine was mocha- nice color :smile: my issue was the bag was really big- cldnt use it as n evening bag- a good caRRY OR EVERYDAY BAG THO...
    I RETURNED IT N GOT THE SMALLER satchel but i must say i miss the bigger one at times!
  9. I think the handle problem is no more. Heloise is my favorite Chloe, so I love it. That shape does not look good on me, but if it suits you you can't go wrong for that price.
  10. I think I have the exact same bag as that one but I didnt know it was called east west satchel. Just knew it was diffrent from normal Heloise. Anyways it is a great bag.
  11. I love your Heloise Miss Evil - the leather is gorgeous! Am trying to find one to add to my collection - a classic Heloise with shoulder straps. I have the hobo in nutmeg and it is my favourite ever bag - and I have lots!!!!!
    Congratulations on your new Chloe aspiring4peace
  12. Miss Evil - I love your bag ... mine just came in and it looks alot bigger than that. I had tried one on at the store but this is definately not the same one! Mine has two zippers on top ... If I fill it up with all the stuff I normally carry it will be waaaay to big. It goes back to Neiman's today and my hunt for the perfect brown bag continues :sad: