thought i'd share my latte...



    i got my scuola without the qee so i thought what the heck i'll make my latte into a keychain cuz anyways im not the collector of toys type of person.
  2. Oh so cute!!! That's a really good idea! My husband thinks it's kewl to =)

    He's a secret toki-fan...he'll never admit it though lol
  3. haha thanks!
  4. soo cute!! how did u do it???
  5. very awesome lolz :tup:
  6. great idea!
  7. i had this old keychain that i bought from chinatown in LA. i just removed the chain. the chain was attached to the old keychain with some sort of nail thingy which was. so all i did was a i made a small hole in the latte and attached the small nail that had a hole to insert the chain in. and then BAM i made a keychain!
  8. That is so cute! :yes:
  9. So cute. All these crafty things you are doing are neat.
  10. cute!! ..:biggrin:
  11. very cute!