Those long stringy things...

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  1. A lot of the bags I like have those leather stringy things hanging down from the zipper and sides. I usually tuck them in if they are too long- but I want to cut them SO bad!
    Any remedies ladies?:yes:
  2. Not too sure exactly what you mean... any piccies?
  3. If you wanna cut them, cut them is my advice. I cut the tassles on my Balenciaga and am very happy I did!
  4.'s your bag! If they really bother you, go ahead and cut them.
  5. LOL thanks ladies! :wlae:
  6. me too! i cut the tassles on the front pocket into half... stops me from worrying that it would get caught on the escalator!

  7. I never cut them but it drives me crazy when the balenciaga ties seperate, then you have 8 strings instead of 4. I sometimes tie them in a knot.
  8. I agree - if they annoy you cut them - its your bag
  9. ACK! I wouldn't cut them if you ever think you may sell it!
  10. aaarrgghh i never cut my b-bags tassels :crybaby:
    maybe tie it up, but no cutting for me :P
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