Thomas Wylde - To buy, or not to buy...

  1. Ok Ladies....
    I am in the midst of purchasing 2 Thomas Wylde bags that I am absolutely IN LOVE with but something is holding me back (hmm....the cost involved maybe? lol).
    The ones I want are the large skull bag/slouch (in black) and the Thomas Wylde Oxford in black or grey (undecided...any suggestions??). To me, these bags are must haves as they totally express my personal style. I am trying to put the cost out of my mind because I have the money. Should I just take the plunge and do it?
    Please send me some guidance! My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts.:P
  2. I'd start w/ one and make sure you are totally in love first.
    They are very pricey bags.
  3. I agree, get one first.....
  4. I know exactly what you mean. I have contemplated for awhile buying a bag, but for some reason, talk myself out of it.
  5. I love them and I think they look great but I would stick to one in the begininng just to be sure...
  6. Try one first --- you can always buy the second later! Skull is the Original, but the Oxford is amazing. You could decide by asking yourself this .......
    the Skull has pockets on the outside, easy to grab for phone, keys etc. Is that an issuse? The Oxford has no pockets --- anywhere!
  7. I totally appreciate all of your help on this! I think at this time I am definitely going to go for the Oxford. Now it is choosing the colour that I'm finding hard!! I am torn between black and slate. Any suggestions here? Also, do any of you know if it comes in a reddish colour? Thanks again!!
  8. i say you should totally go for the oxford in gray! :yes::yes:
    it looks stunning! i want it soo bad.
  9. I say oxford in black. I've never seen these bags but have drooled over the scarves. I went to find a picture of the bag online and think it's amazing! If what I found is the right one - the Oxford Circus Bag? For what it's worth, the picture I saw was at Barney's Co-op - would it be a little less expensive there? I don't know what it retails for but there price was 2360.00 ... definitely pricey! But what a COOL bag .... :nuts:
  10. I have the Oxford Circus in Gray! Yes that is the retail around $2300.
    Spoiled -- I have not seen it in a reddish color ---- only know of it in Black or Gray.
    Good Luck, let us know when you get it AND post pics!
  11. Justonemore - Do you have a pic of yours to share?:drool:
  12. Spoiled I don't have a camera tonight - will take some tomorrow.

  13. Thanks! Can't wait to see it!:smile:
  14. ITA, good advice!