Thomas sabo charm club

  1. I think they look really cute! I've never heard of them before but they have some really nice designs. Thanks for the info, I might look into them as I'm desperate for a charm bracelet.
  2. I went to a Thomas Sabo store at Beverly Center near Beverly Hills. The charms are very cute and so easy to attach. There are a lot of ways to wear his charms. The Asian theme charms are very popular. Since I love charms, I plan to start a bracelet!
  3. Hi! Thomas Sabo rocks! He has only one store in the US. There was talk of a NYC location but the rent was they are still looking. I bought my items in Paris at Printemps. I really like his uni-sex line.....the black cz' can see them on his site. It's harder to buy the rest of his have to call the LA based store. Their return policy is very make sure its what you want. Also, the collections are pricey at to be stuck with something you thought you'd like can be a huge problem. I am going to Paris in March and plan to visit the booth and look at some new pieces that I couldn't commit to without seeing....I hook my charks on a vintage jet strand.....Sabo needs to expand in the US!
  4. These are super cute - they sell them at the Marex at Yorkdale (for Torontonians that are curious!).
  5. i got the turqoise bead bracelet in nov for bday w 2 charms and am now looking at starting a silver bracelet
  6. My friend gave me a Thomas Sabo Charm pendant as a gift. It's a red pump. :biggrin:
  7. I love Thomas Sabo Charm Club. I have the Necklace and some Charms. His new collection is :love: Can't wait to buy some of the new stuff.
    35465.jpg 35466.jpg 35469d.JPG 35471.jpg 35474.jpg
  8. just bought the silver bracelet w 3 more charms: G, a high heel and sunglasses
  9. Wow the charms that Glamourette posted are gorgeous! I love the detail on the bag with shades.
  10. Oooh, these are so cute! Never heard of them before, but I'm definitely going to get some of these.
    Thanks for posting!
  11. the brand is pretty popular here in UK...i love the designs of the charms :smile:
  12. I stumbled across this line a couple months ago - they have one little boutique in my area that sell them - they are so cute! I don't wear them as a bracelet though, I wear them on a necklace. For Canadian collectors, there is a great online store that sells them They are based out of Montreal - I have ordered 2 from them and both excellent transactions. Plus they send you coupon codes for 10% of your purchase, which you can apply to your next purchase. And shipping is free (in canada, not sure about the US).

    Really cute charms, especially the little purses! Here are the ones I have - (the clover is my favourite - it is super sparkly)!
    charm1.jpg charm4.jpg charm2.jpg charm5.jpg
  13. I just bought 2 of these beaded bracelets that you attach charms to. One in black onyx and one in white pearl. They are so easy to wear everyday... Love em
  14. I love his charms!!! i got it when i was in Malaysia! I got a necklace and three charms attached to it! I'll try to post a pic later on. it has the tour Eiffel, a camellia and pink heart with love on it!! I love Paris and the camellia represents my love for Chanel :smile: