This was not on my radar but....

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  1. I had store credit from my Sarah NM wallet not being repairable and I was looking into the mono Totally MM, Duomo hobo, Delightful or azur NF MM. The Totally they had (only one in stock) looked used and abused so I passed on it but once I saw this gorgeous beauty and hubby gave me the "ok", I grabbed it! Love it!!
    I am definitely on ban island for a long while after this!
    This past month, I got a de Totally MM, Figheri GM, Mono NF w/rose ballerine and this beauty plus a couple of goodies coming from elady! I'll do a little reveal when they arrive ;)

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  2. Very beautiful! Love this combo!
  3. Congrats
    It's beautiful
  4. It's so beautiful, congrats!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. Great bag! I love mine (going on 2 years now) in black.
  7. Congrats, great addition to your collection!
  8. That is really beautiful- what's it called? Congrats on a great choice!
  9. This is soooo pretty! I saw a woman wearing this bag at work last week and wanted to bad to tell her how awesome it looked on her! ha! It's even more stunning in person! Congrats!
  10. Thank you Guuci4Me! Me too! ;)
  11. Thanks so much bagidiotic! :smile:
  12. Thank you so much CrazyDogLady! :smile:
  13. Thank you thewave1969! ;)
  14. Thanks beige1! It was hard deciding between the two colors, I want them both! lol

  15. Thank you so much Rani! I should take an updated collection pic.:smile:
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