This one or That one...Please choose for me!

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Which one is cutest!?

  1. Chelsea optic flap!

  2. Chelsea optic hobo!

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  1. Im going crazy trying to decide, so would ya just do it for me lol~!:lol:

    I love both but want only one so is it this one...Chelsea optic flap [​IMG]or that one??Chelsea optic hobo??[​IMG] Which do you like best??:nuts:
  2. I like the Chelsea Optic Hobo! Love the braided strap and the turnlock opening! Good luck choosing!
  3. hobo! i find flaps a pita
  4. Thanks LA!! I have Christmas money I get to get my new Chelsea with so I cant wait to see what everyone thinks!!:nuts:
  6. I agree w/LAItiero - love the hobo w/the braided strap and turnlock. Great bag!
  7. 10 yr. old dd sitting next to me and I, both say flap!
  8. Very cool! Let your DD know I really appreciate her input too!:okay:
  9. I had the large hobo in the signature and LOVED that bag.. it is a great bag, very easy to get in/out of and great all around! So the hobo gets my vote! :tup:
  10. I really like the silhouette of the flap bag. I have Ali's and I never find the turnlock flap on those to be troublesome. Good Luck!!
  11. She actually has really good taste. Doesn't get it from me! I get her opinion on most things I buy. Whether I want her opinion, or not... :smile: but I usually do.
  12. I really like the shape of the hobo! That's my vote. Plus the braided strap is too cute!
  13. This is great everyone! Thanks your your votes so far!!:jammin:
  14. I have last year's Hobo and I tend to love mine!
  15. I like the flap, but only because I love smaller purses! But either one is great cuz im in love with the optic line!!!