This night is just getting better and better!!! I need opinions!!


What to get?!?!

  1. Mono black Shawl

  2. Pomme Zippy

  3. Mono black Shawl AND Pomme cles

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  1. okay, so my bf just called me from work to tell me that for my bday and anni he is giving me some Louis Vuitton cash *LOL* go towards a purchase! There are a few things that I would like to get but I can only get one at the moment...

    1) mono black shawl (+ around $180 to save)
    This would go great with my bebe dress (which I will most likely wear to a wedding in Sept) also for cool nights here or when watching movies at the theatre...

    2) Pomme Zippy wallet (+ around $500 to save)
    I really want a new wallet.but thing is it just stays in my when I go out I do bring my wallet and it holds EVERYTHING but for the most part i use my cles more b/c that's where my debit/credit card is and my money...I would use the wallet to hold my other cards, receipts, member cards etc..

    3) Mono black shawl AND pomme cles (+ around $400 to save)
    LOL...I can get both, but i have a damier cles already and a white MC AND pearl cles on the way too!!! so do I really need ANOTHER cles?

    and If i don't get one or the other now, I am saving up to buy it for the summer it's just a matter of what I SHOULD/NEED to get

    can you guys help me with my dilemma?!?!
  2. Happy Birthday, Jill! LOL at your BF. My DH makes LV coupons for me, it's really cute, but he clearly states it's for one bag or item only. LOL.

    #3 gets my vote.
  3. Get the pomme Zippy, Jill~It's soooo pretty:love:, and holds everything!!
  4. your bf is so sweet.
  5. He's a keeper!

    And so is the zippy!!
  6. Pomme Zippy! It's the cutest!!!
  7. Hey my birthday is coming! What a nice guy you have! :smile:
  8. I am obsessed with the black shawl right now so it gets my vote!!!!
  9. aww..thanks aarti, christie and Christine. yes he is suuuper sweet! very kind of him to feed my LV addiction...LOL...and he dislikes LV (well mono anyway, he's quite fond of azur) with a passion.

  10. I hope you get yours too!! then you can show me pics and seal the deal for me!!!
  11. Happy BDay, Jill! Celebrate! You got one heck of a bf!
  12. Hi Jill, I would choose the shawl and the cles. You can always get the matching zippy later. Happy bday and anniversary, what a sweet BF =)
  13. Check out the scar/shawl thread in the club section. Sealed the deal for me. I want one in champagne and brown too.

    BTW, good training on the BF!!!!
  14. I'm so excited for you! You have an awesome boyfriend. Definitely get the Pomme Zippy wallet.
  15. lol..zippy and shawl + cles are tied! keep 'em coming everyone! this is such a toughie!

    thanks everyone for the early greetings!